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09 Dec 2023, Edition - 3070, Saturday

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Are you sexualy incompatible?

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Well, love is what we all seek. But sex is equally important in a relationship to keep it going and exciting. Very recently, in a movie, Subh Mangal Savdhan, the director explored erectile dysfunction and the havoc it created in the minds of the to-be-bride and to-be-groom. Sexual incompatibility is one of the biggest reasons why relationships fall apart. Are you worried about the same? Do you want to check if you are sexually incompatible? Here are some signs that you should look out for.

Is your partner as much comfortable in discussing sex as you are? Or does he squirm away, change the topic, or do you feel you are too pushy and he is neutral If that’s the case, you are in trouble. “For a very long time, I used to wonder what is wrong with my husband. He would run away if I would try get close to him in a sexual way. He would discourage sexual talks, dirty talks And then realised he was in a relationship with some other woman while with me. We broke up a few years back. So, it is important to look for the signs,” says a mother of two on conditions of anonymity.

It is natural for for you to wander off in a far away land while doing the act. But if that happens too often either with you or your partner, you have some serious looking out to do.

Libido plays a huge role, but if both of you have different sex drives, then you have to work on it, because that might take a toll on you.

If your partner believes in bam bam thank you ma’am, then you got to express your displeasure. Sex is about mutual satisfaction, one can’t take off feeling satisfied and the other feeling high and dry.

Sex isn’t meant for special occasion only. ANd neither it is a routine. But if you don’t feel the love that you should in regular interval atleast, then it is time to sit out and talk it through.

If one of you leave the bed dissatisfied, then that’s not good. And if it is a routine, then please reconsider.

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