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18 Aug 2018, Edition - 1131, Saturday


  • The former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has passed away, a statement by the United Nations said
  • Odisha government sent a 240-member fire services team to carry out rescue operations in flood-ravaged Kerala
  • Bihar CM Nitish Kumar donates 10 crore for Kerala
  • 500 crore relief package announced for Kerala
  • PM Modi undertakes aerial survey of Kerala
  • Imran Khan Takes Oath As Pakistan’s New Prime Minister
  • KeralaFloods : PM Modi announces Rs 500 crore aid as immediate assistance to the state
  • Kerala floods: Virat Kohli, Sunil Chhetri, Sania Mirza come out urging people for help
  • 106 die in a day in flood-hit Kerala
  • PML-N president and the brother of jailed former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif, managed to secure just 96 seats

Health & Lifestyle

Are You Sure You Aren’t Making These 5 Mistakes At The Gym?

Working-out, going to gym, it all sounds great and exciting. It is too. And maybe that is why everyone is on the bandwagon – posting selfies while at it too. Until when it is leg day and you just can’t move the next day and no amount of protein shakes brings you the answer as to why you had taken this upon yourself in the first place. But I will tell you this, the endorphins, the excitement, and the thrill that comes along when you see the results after consistently working out is something that makes it all worth your time, effort and hard earned energy.

But there are a few times that in the flow of the routine at the gym, we all tend to make silly mistakes. In fact sometimes they go unchecked because the coaches aren’t around. So no matter if you are new to working out, or a seasoned gym rat, it is always a good time to check if you are making these mistakes at the gym.

More cardio, less weight training

If you are one to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes and then heading to the weight training area, you are making the mistake of taking a low-energy body to lift weights. That means you will be in poor form and also prone to injury. You can always keep the cardio session after the weight training bit.

Not warming up

But doing cardio afterwards doesn’t mean that you totally miss the warm up bit. Squats, jumping jacks, push ups and lunges are all meant to increase your heart rate and make for a good pre-workout warm up.

Not drinking enough water

Not giving your body enough hydration is a silly mistake to make and a very obvious one because you are inviting sore muscles, dehydration and weakness. Don’t forget to swig.

Not timing your rest period

Make sure you take enough rest between your sets and reps, but also make sure you don’t start whiling away time by checking out what others are doing. Don’t waste time at all.

Don’t make the workout boring

Don’t keep doing the same workout routine for days on end. Not only will it get you t boredom faster than you can say “Abs!” but also the prolonged stress on one part of the body may do more damage than good.