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17 Apr 2024, Edition - 3200, Wednesday

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Health & Lifestyle

Five scientifically proven herbs and spices for weight loss



Losing weight is a tall order for some people who just have a tougher time getting their hard work to stick. We all have a different physique and different needs, and occasionally, it gets hard. And who can blame them; people often only focus on physical activity or just use a diet and then recommend such a thing to them. You may have had a hard time losing weight as well, mainly because of how your body burns fat. It takes a long time to realise that something had to change and, well, we have found out about specific foods that aid weight loss.

You can’t lose weight by just exercise or just food – you have to take part in both. Make some change in your meals and get rid of junk food. Start working out; a slow start will guarantee a fast road to success. Don’t overdo it! You can even calculate BMR and keep track of your progress. Here are five scientifically proven herbs and spices that help with weight loss!


Blood sugar plays a major role in getting your weight up or down, which is why it needs to be properly regulated. If you’re used to eating junk food, you’ll have to start making changes soon. Otherwise, your weight will keep increasing.

Cinnamon helps regulate the blood sugar level and keeps an even playing field. It also makes you feel full due to its composition. Oatmeal is a common meal that cinnamon goes well with. It’s a cheery, holiday spice that is very healthy. And don’t be sad that the holidays have passed – you can still use cinnamon!


The yellow spice that is difficult to get off dishes is incredibly healthy! This interesting spice has a couple of major health benefits, such as aiding your body in burning fat. It also helps in keeping Alzheimer’s Disease away. Scientists have proven that turmeric is healthy by conducting a study on weight loss. They studied the effects that curcumin (the ingredient in turmeric) had on mice. They concluded that the group which was fed curcumin exhibited more weight loss and fat burn than the group which was fed the same diet – except without curcumin. It’s safe to say you’re going to be getting close to your weight loss goal quickly!

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper works similarly to turmeric – it increases your body temperature while also increasing your metabolism rate. This leads to an increase in fat burned. Adding some cayenne pepper to meals can help you burn around 100 calories – per meal. That’s 300 calories less than usual if you eat three meals a day. It goes great with anything, so take your pick!

Yerba Mate for weight loss

Yerba Mate is a South American drink and is part of their tradition. It can lower blood sugar levels and keep them regulated, so you won’t be gaining weight if you use this plant while working out as well. It also reduces the risk of getting diabetes mellitus (both types).

If you’re having a bad day or just aren’t feeling up to the task, you can make Yerba Mate tea! Yerba Mate is great for boosting your mood, giving you some extra energy, and suppressing your appetite (which means you’ll want to eat less than usual).


This lesser known spice is native to the Mediterranean area, Southern Europe, and Western Asia. Fenugreek is great for fighting inflammation, ovarian diseases, constipation, as well as keeping your weight down. It’s also used to treat high cholesterol levels. Stress is a major contributor to weight gain and can be a catalyst for many other dangerous diseases.

The reason why Fenugreek helps with weight loss is because it boosts your metabolism, thus making you lose more weight. It’s very capable when it comes to lowering your stress levels too, which makes it quite the spice when it comes to weight loss.

These five herbs and spices aren’t the only ones that are adept at helping you lose weight. Much more are out there, even the common ones such as pepper help. The whole picture is this: The more spices you use, the more benefits you gain, which is important if you want to live a healthy life, while also not being overweight.

Losing weight takes a lot of guts and dedication; you can’t quit in the middle of it, or at the beginning; you can only quit once you’ve reached your goal, and chances are, you’ll be out for more. Just keep pushing and envisioning yourself in a month, two months, a year.

SOURCE : http://www.bfirst.in/health/five-scientifically-proven-herbs-and-spices-for-weight-loss-500433

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