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28 Jan 2023, Edition - 2755, Saturday

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Sexting your way to a happy relationship?

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Sexting is the new way to romance and start relationships. Remember, that with technology, there will always be something more exciting than what you have done to start a conversation. Letters are boring,and so are messages, and even chats…Sexting can be an essential tool to flirt with your date. And ofcourse, physical intimacy-compatibility matters for today’s generation, and therefore this is a sure shot way to discover each other. Your clever and thoughtful moves can turn a casual dating into a foreplay. Sexting has become such a tool to get intimate that researches are also validating it. According to CNN, a news study revealed that sexting is the new way to keep your relationship fiery and alive. A research at Drexel University found that 88 percent of respondents had sexted atleast, and this is between the age group of 18-82. Infact, after questioning some of the respondents, the ones that have sexted are much happier sexually in a relationship. “ We are all sexting nowadays. It is the in thing to do. With technological advancements, our way of romancing has changed and how,” says Sayoni D, a Researcher.

But agreeing to all the above, one needs to know the art of sexting. If you don’t know then you can end up being a complete disaster. As hey say, initiation is very important. So, a fun, seductive chat can take you a long way. Guys, you have to hold your horses, literally! Take it slow, don’t launch a missile. Don’t get sexual at the very start of the conversation. Make it romantic and sexual with time. Arouse the other person with pics and words. “It is very annoying when a guy can’t hold it. I have met some casual dates who can’t have a normal conversation. They jump at pics that grotesque me out. A tinder date is sure to try you out sexually, but master the art of sexting to explore,” says Zeher (name changed on request)

Always understand that it takes two to tango, so understand your partner’s desire and react accordingly. Pics that you may like or find seductive may not work for your counterpart. Don’t start it, without understanding her likes and dislikes,and that you will gradually with words and some explicits. A pic of a crotch in the beginning can ruin the mood that could have been amazing. Flirting isn’t a one way street and therefore it is important to be receptive. It is great to initiate but it is equally fun to respond and flow with it. Don’t get into it with a one point agenda, instead just flow.

Gauging the mood is a very big part of successful sexting. If you write something seductive and the answers come a pale no, you know nothing much can happen after that.

Eventhough sexting means pics more than words but it is a combination of both that can be used to arouse your partner. Use your words, they can sometimes convey that a pic can’t, and it can be more romantic with words and more explicit with pics. When sexting wasn’t prevelant and msgs were used as the only means to convey love, sex and other emotions- they were more than effective.

Sexting is fun as long as it doesn’t come around and bite you. For that, you need to be very careful that the personal remains personal and nt becomes public. If the same seductive poses are doing the rounds of your office and elsewhere, it can be embarrassing. So, protect your phone and your sextexts.

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