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17 Apr 2024, Edition - 3200, Wednesday

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Health & Lifestyle

The Top Health Trends for 2017, According to the Experts



Emma Charlotte Bangay

Lifestyle writer, Emma Bangay, speaks to the health experts to find out the biggest health and fitness trends for 2017.

You’ve heard it all before: ‘new year, new you’, right?

But if you’ve tried everything, you’re probably after some new tips and tricks to help you achieve your health goals in 2017!

Well, this year, you’re in luck! According to Nutritionist Fiona Tuck, 2017 is going to be all about how you feel, as opposed to what you look like.

With that in mind, here are the health trends to fire you up for another year!

1. Detoxing is dead

Nutritionist and founder of A Healthy View, Michelle Chevalley Hedge, says our days of detox dieting are O-V-E-R.

In fact, there won’t be any fad dieting, just eating and embracing real, whole foods – without deprivation or starving. “Eating clean, real food for weight loss will be the rage,” she said. “People will be pleasantly surprised how this will achieve weight loss!”

All diet trends will be grounded in this philosophy, with people opting for minimally processed, fresh wholefoods, Fiona Tuck concurred.

“Variety is key,” she explained. “Eat a variety of different foods every day to ensure your body is getting the nutrients that it needs.” If you are sticking to the same foods every day you could be putting your body at risk of a nutritional deficiency, she urges.

2. Women will flock to weightlifting

Olympic Lifting for women is the next hit exercise, according to Ben Lucas, owner of Flow Athletic. “Trainers have been saying this for years, but I finally think the message is starting to stick as I’m certainly noticing more and more women who are loving the weights room,” he says.

“Strength training is critical to keeping our bodies healthy, especially as we age. It helps preserve muscle mass and increase your metabolism to burn more calories even at rest.”

What’s more, studies have shown that a good strength program can speed up your metabolism to up to 38 hours post workout.

3. Monk fruit is the next favourite sweetener

While sugar-free diets aren’t new, the popular choice for non-artificial sweeteners seems to change, year in, year out. Michelle claims the next sugar-replacement will be monk fruit. Unlike other sweeteners, like stevia, she claims this ancient Chinese fruit has no bitter aftertaste.

4. Treating anxiety with food

Michelle predicts many will turn to their diet to help treat ailments like anxiety. “Eating food rich in B12 and iron – that is unprocessed and low sugar – can be scientifically supported as reducing risk factors for depression and anxiety,” she claims. Such foods can include shell fish and oysters, fish, beef, tofu and eggs.

5. No more raw

“A totally raw diet is on the way out, as some foods need to be cooked for the body to be able to easily digest and absorb nutrients,” Fiona explained. “Eating all raw veggies can cause bloating and stress to the digestive system, so we are now seeing moderation and balance which the raw foods did not promote.” Instead, Fiona suggests put some time into learning to cook, as some foods, such as leafy greens, are better lightly cooked in order for the body to absorb the nutrients.

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