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17 Apr 2024, Edition - 3200, Wednesday

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Health Matters

5 Weight Loss Diet Myths That May Have Been Hindering Your Weight Loss Goals



While it is a good thing that there’s so much information around weight loss and fitness in today’s time, but one also needs to understand, that there are several myths doing the rounds too. And the true challenge here is to tell myths from facts and decide a perfectly balanced plan for yourself. Falling for some of these myths may prove detrimental to not just your weight loss goals but can also take your overall health for a toss. Here’s debunking some common weight loss diet myths.

1. Myth: Ruling Out Carbs Is A Good Weight Loss Strategy

Reality: Carbohydrates have earned a bad reputation in the world of health and nutrition, they are seen as weight-inducing. Carbohydrates are an essential macronutrient needed to sustain life. Carbs supply energy to the brain. Carbohydrates can be classified under ‘bad carbs’ and ‘good carbs’. The former contains all your refined and processed goods, like white bread, refined grain pasta, instant noodles etc. They tend to contribute to weight-gain. Good carbs on the other hand are the ones rich in fibre. Whole grain products, leafy green vegetables, legumes are sources of good carbs. They take a while to get digested, which makes you feel satiated. If you are satiated, you are less likely to overeat.

2. Myth: All Fats Are Bad

Reality: Just like carbs, fats are misjudged too. Fats can also be categorised under ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’. Goods fats are essential for overall health. They help boost our skin health build arterial walls. Good fats like cheese, avocado, olive oil are also known to do wonders for weight loss. They may be high on calories, but these calories are not empty. They are dense in nutrients. If you feel full, you would naturally binge less.

3. Myth: Starving and skipping meals may speed up your weight loss journey

Reality: No matter what the fad diets may claim, starving and skipping meals is not a sustainable weight loss strategy. You can keep yourself away from food only till a certain extent, and once you break you tend to eat anything and everything that comes your way, that too in great quantity-leading to calorie overload.

4. Myth: One Must Work Out On An Empty Stomach

Reality: Working out on an empty stomach may lead to muscle loss, hence it is best to tuck into something light and nutritious before you set out for the drill. Have some easily digestible carbs before an intense session. Here are some pre-workout snack ideas you can try.

5. Myth: One Must Cut Out On All Snacks

Reality: Snacking is not a problem, it is the kind of snack you pick that could affect your weight loss regimen in a big way. Snacking on heavily fried, sugary or ultra-processed food generates copious amounts of empty calories that get stores as fats. Meanwhile, healthy snacking may help you shed a pound or two (Think: Fruits, nutty trail-mix, oats, protein shakes). Having small portions of these healthy snacks through the day is known to keep your metabolism soaring.

Take note of these points, be patient with yourself. Weight loss is a time consuming process. Make sure you do not fall for false myths and assumptions.

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