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25 May 2024, Edition - 3238, Saturday

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Mohit Bharatiya's Initiative Towards a Green India

by businesswireindia.com

Business Wire India
Mohit Bharatiya, General Secretary of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Mumbai and also the founder of Proud Bharatiya Foundation is a source of inspiration to the youths of India. His contribution toward the betterment of the society has proven to showcase his selflessness and dedication. The politician has always expressed his opinions in regard to the various problems faced by India’s society. Mohit Bharatiya earlier known as Mohit Kamboj has always been open with the public about his goals which are to render services to social reforming programs and to be the ears for those who look up to him for solutions to their problems.
Mohit Bharatiya carries out the initiative towards catering to the environment by personally planting a tree in the name of his family members. The young politician is leading by example, urging every individual to do the same. Environmental issues are constantly bridging the line between human health and hazardous pollution. In the hopes of getting people of the society to follow suit and take remedial measures to safeguard and protect the environment. Mohit Bharatiya is the voice of many environmental activists trying to bring about a change in the mindsets of people to understand the severity of taking for granted Mother Nature. The rate at which pollution and global warming are affecting the air that we breathe today, Mohit Bharatiya earlier known as Mohit Kamboj proves an important point by taking the environmental initiatives to the next level. The footsteps laid down by Mohit Bharatiya for the public to execute is by planting a tree in the name of family members which hits an emotional connection to the act of planting a tree for a good purpose. This will definitely kick start a movement wherein many individuals will want to carry out the same environmental measure.

The initiative “60 Minutes Desh Ke Naam” which Mohit Bharatiya had launched earlier this year was also to encourage individuals in the society to wear their patriotic hats and work towards taking ownership of the wellbeing of the country. This was to persuade people to dedicate 60 minutes of every week to a social cause that would benefit the country in a positive way. People could involve in activities like planting trees and also catering to the environment by keeping it clean.
Mohit Bharatiya, who takes inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to follow in his good footsteps. Modi Ji continues to do his part in educating the people of India on the importance of taking care of the environment and the advantages that it brings to beautify and filter the air we breathe. Mohit Bharatiya also takes notes of the Prime Ministers' systematic approach. He is also adopting his own methods towards bringing a positive outcome in relation to the greenery initiatives.
The environment needs support and we as individuals are responsible personally for the well being of our surroundings. Mohit Bharatiya couldn’t send the message any louder and clearer. To tackle the problem of cutting trees, the measure of planting a tree is very important to save members of our families the trouble of suffering from the consequences of neglecting the environment. Just like Mohit Bharatiya, we must be in favor of Green India.
Source: Businesswire