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18 Jun 2024, Edition - 3262, Tuesday

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What is a Lithium Ion Battery? Know all About it Here

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Gone are the days when we could do without electricity. Now that our day cannot be spent without appliances that require electricity to operate, the demand for electricity has sky-rocketed – way more than its supply. The consequence is obvious – frequent power outages.

Therefore, an inverter is crucial. And, when we are talking about inverters, we cannot neglect an efficient and high-caliber inverter battery. After all, the best inverters require the best batteries.

A lithium-ion battery is a battery you can go for if you prioritize efficiency. We’ll be telling you all about lithium-ion battery in this guide.

What is a Lithium-Ion Battery and How Does it Work?

A lithium-ion battery is a kind of rechargeable battery made of cells, wherein lithium ions shift from the negative electrode to the positive electrode through an electrolyte during discharge and shift back during charging. Li-ion cells utilize an intercalated lithium compound as the material (the positive electrode) and graphite (negative electrode). Li-ion batteries offer a high energy density, low discharge and no memory effect and low self-discharge.

Features of a Lithium-Ion Battery

Here are the features of a lithium-ion battery that make this type of battery a popular choice amongst customers:

-Highly Efficient:

A lithium-ion battery is widely adopted in industrial operations owing to its high efficiency. Efficiency refers to the ability to store energy with minimal wastage. Lithium-ion batteries provide consistent, reliable, and long-lasting supply of power.

Owing to its high energy density, a lithium-ion battery is highly efficient.

-Low Maintenance:

One big hassle of a standard inverter battery is that it requires frequent water top-ups, making maintenance a complex job. However, with a lithium-ion battery, one major advantage is that it is a low-maintenance battery.

-Long Lifespan
A heavy investment makes sense when you know you are investing in products that would last long. A lithium-ion battery comes with a long lifespan.

They can last over ten years, if bought from a reputable brand. They are also well-known for handling over 3000 times of charge-discharge cycles.

-Fast Charging

Fast charging is a feature that can come in handy when your inverter requirements are frequent. In addition to that, fast charging can help boost productivity, especially in industrial applications.

A lithium-ion battery offers fast charging, it can charge 3X faster than standard inverter batteries.

Tips to Buy a Lithium-Ion Battery:

Even though it has been well established that a lithium-ion battery should be your go-to-choice if you value efficiency and performance, how would you know which lithium inverter battery to pick? Well, here are some pointers that can:

1.Calculate your Power Requirements:

An inverter battery should be chosen according to your power requirements. Power requirement refers to the total power consumed by the appliances you wish to operate during a power outage. You can calculate your power requirement through Luminous’ load calculator to make your work easier.

2.Buy from Reputable Brand:

When you are buying an electrical device, you cannot compromise on quality. That’s why it’s always suggested to go for trustworthy brands that are known to deliver safe and top-rated power solutions. One such brand is Luminous. Luminous has been an industry leader when it comes to providing next-gen, innovative appliances.

If you are looking for a top-rated lithium-ion battery, you should consider Li-ON 1250. It is an inverter-battery duo that comes with the most advanced and unmatched features. These features include 3X faster charging, 3x longer life, a compact design featuring an LCD display and an in-built compartment for lithium-ion battery!

Innovation and brilliance are what you’d get when you buy Luminous’ Li-ON 1250.

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