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23 Apr 2024, Edition - 3206, Tuesday

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With ‘Pinnacle Blooms Network’ Special Kid’s Life is Beautiful

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Pure Joy, Innocent Smiles, Jingle Bells, Christmas Trees, Snow Flakes, Christmas Spirit Celebration mixed with Tactile, Visual, Auditory Stimulated Learning and Socialization witnessed wonderful kids with neurological conditions who have presented themselves as Santa Clauses distributing gifts, receiving presents, being empowered through innovative therapies at Pinnacle Blooms



Pinnacle Blooms Network


There are estimated 80+ core kids, people with neurological conditions around the world. Recent study by American CDC shows 1 in every 39 kids are prone to be Autistic – one of the many neurological conditions.  Neurological conditions including but not limited to Autism, Cognitive developmental issues, Phobias and inferiority, Psychological upsets / extremes, Delayed milestones such as speech delay, Socialization issues such as fear to mingle, Sensorial issues such as sensitive to noise and etc. or on the steep raise across the world and even in India.  


Pinnacle Blooms Network is first-ever-of-its-kind, proven world class – international chain of Child Development, Rehabilitation centres core purposed to be empowering 80+ crore Kids, People with neurological conditions through effective therapies to be part of mainstream society and bring smiles into their families through its to-be network of 7000+ centres across India, Middle East, Australia, USA. 


Pinnacle Blooms Network is Special EduHealthCare unit of Bharath HealthCare P LIMITED Govt. of India’s prestigious StartUpIndia awarded HealthTech division of Kotii Group of Technological Ventures R&D P LIMITED core purposed to be empowering 784+ crore people across 230+ countries.


Years of research backed with decades of international exposure resulted ‘MIRRACLE by PINNACLE’ 360 degree patented digital platform to provide world class – international child development, rehabilitation.


The celebration sessions

Recently Pinnacle Blooms Network celebrated Christmas in all of its network centers and got tremendous response from kids. This is one of the examples of the pinnacle curriculum works in great manner. Pinnacle does everything in practice which works practically as well as morally. The parents also get some practices for their children. So the kids get more exiting about the day by day sessions. The regular therapy sessions also having some celebration and some excitement. This is the way pinnacle is grooming the kid’s cognitive, neurological abilities.


Child Development – Rehabilitation from future


Being the Torch-Bearer for kids, people with neurological conditions

Pinnacle Blooms sole purpose is enriching families with effective skills & intervention strategies for overall development of the children through hand crafted programs by industry experts leading to happy families. Empowering children with everything child needs, to-be self-sufficient for becoming natural part of the mainstream society, schools & be accepted as what they are, so that children can earn bright future.


We provide practical/hands-on, real-world oriented, multi-sensory & child centered, transparent approach… for all speech, language disorders, reading, writing, cognitive social difficulties at all stages of child,” said Dr. Sreeja Reddy. Saripalli.


Dr. Sreeja Reddy . Saripalli is the founder managing director of  Bharath HealthCare P LIMITED HealthTech division of Kotii Group of Technological Ventures R&D P LIMITED. Pinnacle is the brain child of Dr. Sreeja Reddy.


Child Development, Rehabilitation Therapy Services provided in Pinnacle Blooms Network faciltiies

Speech Therapy: As much & more than you do … we love the little fables & cute converses, we do – yes we do.

Special Education: We get at most satisfaction when the little one greet, talk, walk, behave, learn, eat & sleep. Self sufficient

Occupational Therapy: See, feel, smell, taste, hear… its’ such a joy to experience these first hand along side of kid.

Behavioral Modification: Assessments & Treatments, Group Therapy & Counseling

Psychological Services: Phobia, Couple Counselling, Stress / Depression solutions, etc.

Promising Child Future: Promising to add value in your child’s future through every single session & interaction by employing transparent teaching environment. Equipping kid with his/her family with the skills, techniques, strategies, approaches designed especially for your kid.


SEVA Foundation with Pinnacle Blooms Network

SEVA Foundation is philanthropic arm of Kotii Group where 33% of the income across multi crore business has been pledged for SEVA Foundation to carry out the activities for well being of people, society. SEVA has been offering various services of it from the recent decade + time.


Being unit of Bharath HealthCare of Kotii Group, Pinnacle gets support from Kotii Groups SEVA Foundation. Families those who couldn’t afford therapy fee genuinely but with the need of therapies for the betterment of kid, person, SEVA Foundation sponsors the therapy fee matching fund and there are thousands of such therapy sessions happened and happening and many poor / below middle-class families are being benefited as we report this.


Pinnacle Blooms Network CSR Initiative

Many neurological conditions such as Autism doesn’t have any known treatment but only be managed with therapies. In developing countries such as India, Many parents don’t even know the term Autism, Neurological conditions and eventually lose the precious time of kid. Pinnacle Blooms Network bringing in digital platforms, self-assessment tools, digital mentorship the complete population across world at no cost. Pinnacle Blooms Network is taking the responsibility of being Torch Bearer for Kids, People with neurological conditions.


Free Certified Course Training for School Teachers

As part of being the torch bearer, Pinnacle Blooms Network is bringing in Teacher Training Program which does raise the awareness as well the qualified teachers would also be given the certification with digital verification and schools with required number of these certified teachers would be given certification being the most inclusive school.


7000+ Network Facilities

Serving 80+ crore people across Bharath and world does need strong network, Pinnacle Blooms Network does have a well established, proven franchise model where parents with the special kid, therapists can have license of the franchise to be part of the world class – international network, serve kids, families in need and be benefited as well.


Interested shall reach over 9100 181 181, www.pinnacleblooms.org.

Source: Newsvior

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