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24 Apr 2024, Edition - 3207, Wednesday

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Dear Zindagi, give me the strength to fight the demons in my head

Indrani Thakurata


At a conversation over coffee and snacks, the topic moved to “Dear Zindagi,” a movie that is garnering praise for its content. My friend Rachna(name changed) who battled mental health issues for years, emerging out of it only recently, was the only one who despised the movie, saying it made a joke out of mental health.

Anupama Chopra, celebrity film critic says ‘this is the Vogue version of therapy — a lovely expansive Goa house, sessions during walks on the beach, cycling together.’But my friend opines,“I wish the movie addressed it a tad more seriously. It isn’t as glossy as portrayed.”

But I am happy that the movie brought the conversation out in the open. What is mental health? “To speak academically, mental health is the condition of a person with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. Practically speaking, it’s being comfortable in your own skin, knowing your abilities and limitations, and moving towards personal growth till you reach your full potential,” says Shipra Dawar, Founder, ePsyclinic.com.

It is always hard to pinpoint the exact symptoms of an unwell mind, but some common give-awaysare — absent mindedness, external behavioural manifestations like irritability, anger, loss of appetite. “If you don’t feel like facing the world more often than before, you need to introspect for an answer. Some griefs and traumas have lasting impression and can be the triggers,” says Poornima Sharma, a mental health counsellor.

Have people opened up to mental health issues? “Yes, people are realising that there is nothing wrong in visiting a counsellor if you are not well. It’s all about being happy and at peace. Dr Jehangir Khan (SRK from “Dear Zindagi”) did inspire me a lot to be like him, the way he brought his client closer to her demons and finally made her to accept it peacefully,” concludes Shipra.

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