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11 Dec 2023, Edition - 3072, Monday

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Experts call for better understanding between teachers, parents


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Coimbatore: Parents are generally friendly, supportive and eager to work with teachers to make sure their child gets the best, be it education or manners. However, there are exceptions where parents seem to have a problem with teachers which has an impact on the student’s attitude towards a particular teacher, say members of the teaching fraternity.

Such parents do spoil their children and give little care for them and blame teachers for the lack of manners among their wards. This results in allowing the child see the teacher s a bad person, they say.

Former principal of a government school Dhanasekaran.V told The Covai Post, “The system works against teachers. Two generations ago, discipline could mean some form of humiliation like making the student stand in a corner, smacking on the hand with a ruler, or even being sent to the principal or making the child kneel down. Today, all of these are considered `Dark Age’ remedies, and teachers are almost powerless in matters of discipline. Worse, they often fear repercussions of even a mild rebuke.”

Children learn how to take turns in a conversation, how to ask questions, how to react to what others say, how to follow instructions, how to tell jokes through doing all these things. They will not learn how to behave as social beings if they are stuck in front of the TV for hours daily, he adds.

Parents need to show an interest in them and spend time with them, helping them play with their peers and learn the rules of social behaviour.

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Politics can also be a reason why teachers receive less respect. Before the boomers, education was a political backwater. School board trustees were elected; very few people knew anything about them and fewer cared. Politicians showed little interest in education. But once the boomers had kids in the system, all of that changed, he adds.

S Radha Krishnan (name changed), an English teacher in a private school, feels schools cannot right the wrongs of society and teachers cannot become substitute parents. ”They are responsible for setting boundaries for their children’s behaviour and sticking to those boundaries when the going gets tough. Both parties need to work together. Parents must be helped and given confidence to take back control .They are responsible for setting a good example to their children and for devoting precious time so that children feel known and valued as individuals and as part of the family,” he says.

Conference and meetings are proven ways to give feedback and can be easily adapted for high school, middle school and even elementary school. This would provide an opportunity to share ideas among students, teachers, parents and administrators to hlp provide the best possible education.

Swathi Ganesh, mother of two children, said schools obviously needed to be engaging for students to learn.”Great teachers can make their students fall in love with their subject, whereas a bad one can cause an antipathy that could linger. The subject being taught does not define whether the students will like the class; rather it is the teacher who makes the subject interesting,” she says.

Competition makes education a requirement and not an achievement. In this competitive environment, it is important to be more patient and spend more time understanding issues at school. “Tomorrow’s parents are more likely to have less patience, be more frazzled and less interested in their child’s issues making them even worse as parents,” said a professor.

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