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25 Feb 2024, Edition - 3148, Sunday

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I – Dare – Startup Business

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Souniya Khurana, Co-Founder – WYN Studio, Entrepreneur

Topic: -TGIF (Thank God I Failed): From failing in 6th Grade to building a 20 Crore media Venture.She spoke with rich enthusiasm. She narrated that even changing of name sometimes felt bad, but it is the beginning for many. She illustrated that as a baby we fell down miserably many times, before we start to walk, properly. It was a humpty-dumpty moment. But we have been encouraged by the elder and other people around us. But, when days go, we would not receive such support, when we failed in other arenas. She continued that in sixth grade, she failed in mathematics subject in the class.

This was a huge impediment, because everyone criticised her, at least she pretends that. But that gave the first confidence, where a failure does not give barrier, it was noticed as the stepping stone for the future progress. Because when year pass by the dosage of failure is also becoming complicated according to the portfolio that has been managed by her. She pronounced that though she failed in mathematics, but very strong in English and social science.

She felt challenges when she planned to start her own business. As usual criticism started to flow, but she managed and answered to all queries, whomever gave her the opinion that it was to heavy to hold on the shoulder. The entrepreneurial journey was not walk on the cake; she carried immense challenges like she couldn’t find a co-founder or mentor, and she associated this challenging phase with Murphy’s Law, highlighting the absence of guidance.

Her first defining moment involved establishing WYN Studio, initiated before the pandemic in September 2019. Despite facing the impact of COVID-19 in March 2020 and paying office rent for six months without fully utilizing it, she remained determined not to give up. Her persistence paid off in 2021 when one of the clients produced a podcast in multiple languages, marking a significant win.

The second redefining moment stemmed from her. she didn’t want to shrink her dreams. She expressed her commitment to turning her dreams into reality, quoting, “I will make a reality that matches my dream.” She continued with an aphorism that everything go around, will goes around. There are certain attribution to be redefined – emotion, feeling that created everything has to be balanced and you have watch it closed how this influencing you. Positive influences can be harnessed in the business.
Negatives should be effaced from mind. Lesson learned from failure are the real one, since it gives a grave memories, where couldn’t vanish from the memory. In a nutshell, it is the attempt of learning. So, everyone has to flip and switch the failure moments.
Resilience is the tool that can be utilisable as a ladder to move on, when facing the failure. It is leads to a big win, like the one she tasted in 2021 that her creation went for the National Awards. In conclusion, she compared life to a movie, where life is like a movie. You have the power to write your own ending.

Guest 2: – Rahul Narvekr, Found and CEO, The India Network, Entrepreneur

Topic: – Logic does not create Magic: Startup’s & Other things

Raghul Narvekar initiated his discussion with a question regarding the topic of logic not creating magic. Responding to this, our GRD student, Riya, answered that an idea doesn’t need to be award-winning but rather unique. She emphasized that startups surpass big brands by doing one thing differently.Addressing the common doubt of whether one is capable of starting a startup or becoming a CEO, Raghul drew inspiration from Superstar Rajinikanth, who began his career as a bus conductor and achieved as an actor.
Raghul imparted three essential


Exam results do not determine one’s future; instead, cultivating the right mindset is crucial. Training the subconscious mind to provide positive signals is imperative.
He discussed the “3 C’s”:1. Content – Stating that people buy stories, not products.
2. Context – Emphasizing that everything in the world contributes to the context.
3. Community – Advocating for following the right individuals to gain positive perspectives.
Three key lessons:Lesson 1 – Don’t think logically.Lesson 2 – Be ruthless when selecting the right people.Lesson 3 – Be ruthless towards those who claim you can’t succeed.
Mr. Raghul shared the uplifting story of his family, highlighting his son Pranav’s loss of vocal ability. Despite ENT doctors declaring that Pranav would never regain his voice, Raghul’s wife, Pallavi Rao Narvekar, was determined to restore it. Through collaborative efforts with a yoga teacher, Pranav did regain his voice.
Tragedy struck when Pallavi faced a severe health crisis. Diagnosed with lung cancer, she was paralyzed and dependent on ventilation. Despite the grim prognosis, she managed to share her lessons from the ICU, typing stories throughout the night. On her last birthday, He decided to publish her stories as a book. Tragically, on May 15, 2021, he lost his wife.
Mr. Raghul concluded with two poignant pieces of advice: choose your media wisely and surround yourself with the right people, emphasizing that the latter is key to achieving anything in life.

GRD School of Commerce and International Business Director Dr.K.K.RAMACHANDRAN Organizer of the event.

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