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15 Apr 2024, Edition - 3198, Monday

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The Covai Post in Silicon India’s 20 most promising Online News Websites in 2018

Covai Post Network


The Covai Post was featured in the cover for Silicon India Magazine having come under its 20 most promising Online News Websites in 2018. “A credible & objective News portal” said the feature.

Silicon India is one of the largest producers of technology news in India. With over 5 million professionals in their network, their mission is to “help build a smarter India by empowering Indian professionals to share their experiences and knowledge with communities of Indian Professionals. For its June issue, the magazine featured The Covai Post, having come under its list of 20 most promising Online News Websites, in its front cover,

A vibrant and credible online news and features portal, The Covai Post believes in matching steps to engage, educate and entertain the digital generation while at the same time committing to recognise and push forward the true voices out of all the noises that currently cloud the online news arena. The Covai Post dedicates its efforts to bring out the stories that need to be told and heard.

They cover issues of common interest like health, infrastructure, environment. They also focus on exposing corruption and other malpractice that people fall prey to.

Recently, the network gained entry into Guinness Book of World Records for live streaming the largest recycling session in Coimbatore.

Its wide online reach in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube is a nod to its success and proof that honest news coverage will receive recognition no matter what.

In less than three years, the English language news portal has garnered national and global recognition. It was also awarded as the best online news portal by the Indian Foundation for its objectivity in covering various social, environmental, political and entertainment news and features. Many national television networks have recognised the quality and unique content of many video exposes done by The Covai Post.

With over eight million plus views on an average a month on Facebook, and over five million active engages per month, the Covai Post has made a name for itself on the digital arena.

The innovative and engaging content it produces on a daily basis stands it apart from other similar media entities. The reason for the quality of the content is simple. They have dedicated senior journalists who work under the able leadership of Vidyasree Dharmaraj, a career journalist with over two decades of experience in Print Journalism. They double check facts and give proper guidance to the younger colleagues, ultimately producing quality content that captures interest.

The whole team is dedicated in bringing the best of content in its entirety and truthfulness to the readers. They search for untold stories and put it out boldly. The Covai Post has been applauded a lot for its brave coverage of issues even with threats that come in.

“I used to work to do similar stories like what we do here when I was working in print media”, said Vidyasree, “But we wouldn’t have direct threats coming at us. In digital media, we are easily accessible”.

Like all other popular online medias, The Covai Post too has had its share of abuse, trolls and character assassination of its reporters being done. Often times, these take on a personal tone, especially if the journalist is a women.

“The use of the word prostitute has become common. Women journalists face threats of rape and character assassinations”, said Vidyasree, “Since you are a women, rape has become an easy threat”.

“The online media brings out reactions. Often times these can hurt a lot”, she added, “We don’t even know if we should take it seriously or not. To what extend should a troll be allowed to go on for?”

She talked about how even the authorities, like police officers, don’t take action against people when threats and abuse are hurled online against them.

“Our objective is to bring to light whatever is wrong. Not everyone will be okay with it. You can’t please everybody”.

“Such threats and abuse should be taken seriously. There should be some sort of way to ensure protection of the journalists”.

Journalists have always faced threats from everywhere. In a shocking incident last year, renowned journalist was shot to death near her home in Bengaluru last September. She had many enemies that were against her work. It ultimately lead to her death.

Being a first of its kind media outlet in Coimbatore, The Covai Post has one great advantage that other national media outlets don’t have. They understand their readers and their plights. They are close to their readers, thus ensuring better coverage with greater understanding.

The stories are never one sided. For every issue addressed, they insist on knowing what all the parties involved in the story has to say, giving everyone an opportunity to present their views.

Its video content produced by the company is especially popular with its high quality unique content. The content is also produced using latest technologies.

The Covai Post has heavily invested in technology, especially for their videos and their content. Being a part of the Coimbatore based AES Technologies, a website and software development company, the top notch quality of the website and The Covai Post app comes as no surprise.

AES technologies has been offering software development services to clients from all over the world since 1998. With 20 years of experience, the company prides in providing high quality and reliable services that are reasonably priced.

In an era of ever evolving revenue model, especially due to the rising popularity of online news, The Covai Post is steadily making its way into being a formidable entity on its own.

It was in 2015 that Vidyasree Dharmaraj, and Balaji Raju came together for the inception of The Covai Post. They had a common interest in creating a credible, objective news and feature website from Coimbatore, a need for a city grown media entity.

And thus The Covai Post was formed.

The Covai Post covers all news from in and around Coimbatore area, including the neighbouring state of Kerala. The Covai Post covers impactful journalism related to the development sector. It focuses a lot on human interest stories and in exposing the corruption it comes as well.

At times, its bold covering of delicate but important issues has garnered a lot of threats from vested interests as well.

One such instance was when The Covai Post released a video exposing shocking religious practices in a temple in Madurai where little girls had to be bare chested inside a temple with a priest as part of a ritual. Seven girls who are yet to reach puberty are chosen by the temple priest for the ritual that would bring prosperity and fertility to the villages.

Both Vidyasree and the reporter who covered it received multiple threats. National media picked up the story and the authorities banned the practice.

Yet another instance where it garnered immense attention was when they did a story on how perverse and derogatory lyrics in Tamil movie songs was a possible cause for inducing violence among the youth. Three senior police officials came in front of the camera for The Covai Post and spoke how these lyrics were a reason for violence against women.

At the time of its inception, The Covai Post had its coverage confined to the district of Coimbatore. But its growing popularity helped it expand its reach to Kerala and other districts in Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore lies in the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Many from Kerala reside here and many others have relatives living in Kerala as well.

A truthful, honest, ever growing and ever evolving media outlet that is based in Coimbatore, The Covai Post continues its stride into success achievement after achievement.

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