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01 Mar 2024, Edition - 3153, Friday

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‘Use your brains’, experience fun with a twist at Neuroland

Indrani Thakurata


Using a neural sensor technology, helps the Ball Tower read and interpret your brainwaves. When you focus, your mind generates beta waves.

Bengaluru: For a mother and for a child, it is just not the 14th which calls for a celebration, trust me, kids are celebrated everyday, most days–you have to make them feel special, you have to devote time to them, give them undivided attention (atleast that’s what my little monkey makes me believe) and you have to entertain them. I say entertain and I am stressing on it,because there is no other way. They love surprises and would love to be thrown off on their special day-can be gifts or anything.

My daughter and my nephew weren’t happy with just one day of celebration, ‘oh, not just 14th, let’s celebrate the entire month,’ they demanded. And here I was researching on the net for something out-of-the-box. Something experiential and fun. And voila! what I found just made my day. Phoenix Marketcity,Whitefield is hosting one-of-a-kind fun experience for children in Neuroland. The technology has been brought by a man called Massimo Magliulo from Italy. “We always push ourselves to come out with something unique and fun. We got them here so that our Mall visitors can experience them,” Says Ajitabh from Phoenix Marketcity, Whitefield.

Kinder Balloon

It is fascinating to ride in a real balloon. Watch your surroundings from a high-horse (balloon) literally! Filled with non-flammable helium and secured with a rope, kids’ balloon takes passengers to new heights in atriums, entrance foyers, event halls and other buildings with high ceilings. All you have to do is, climb in, buckle up, toss out the sandbags and up and away you go. The duration for the rise is 120-180 seconds, and trust me, you will see kids asking for more rounds. My little one hopped in, and was looking around from that height, almost like she owns the world.


Neuroland is for children who wish to experience the power of one’s own mind. Kids nowadays are very gadget, technology friendly. They like games that are based on science, that challenges them. And that is exactly what Neuroland offers.

Neuroland is a mind-based indoor activity of fun where people will be challenged to use their mental power ( Telekinesis Force) to control and manipulate objects and do much more. My nephew tried one of the six games: The Ball Tower. And after seeing the ball move up with the help of his concentration power, he exclaimed, “X Men are for real. You can do fascinating things with the mind. imagine a world where we would just do things with our mind, and not might.” The other games are Neuro Duo, Robotic Arm, Helidrone, Neuro Monitor and Car Slot.

So, how does the Ball Tower work? “The “Ball Tower Neuroland” with the help of the headset-sensor communicates with the brain waves that makes our brains. These waves are of various types and each of them indicates the operation of a different part of the mind. These are: Alpha Waves (meditation) ,Beta waves (concentration), Delta Waves (State of sleep) and Theta waves (State of Dream). So, Using a neural sensor technology, helps the Ball Tower read and interpret your brainwaves. When you focus, your mind generates beta waves. This information is translated into a digital signal and sent to the Tower of training. And that’s what causes the rise and fall of the ball,” explains Ajitabh, from Phoenix Marketcity.

Neuroland is there till the 30th of November 2016. Go for the experience.

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