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05 Mar 2024, Edition - 3157, Tuesday

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World Polio Day: Two drops of life

Indrani Thakurata


We all remember the phrase “2 Boond Zindagi Ki (Two Drops of Life)” Indeed, there’s no doubt that those are really the two drops of life. Those two drops has helped the humanity to prevent the most deadly diseases, as per a research, the cases of polio are reduced by 99% around the world and in no time world will be polio free. You’ll be proud to know that India is a 100% Polio free country now.

World Polio Day was established by Rotary International on October 24th in celebration of the birth and memory of Dr. Jonas Edward Salk. Dr. Jonas Salk has found the prevention vaccine for the deadly disease Polio and gifted it to the world. This year, the 5th Annual World Polio Day event will be co-hosted with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Polio is a lethal disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system of children younger than 5 years old and can also leads to spinal cord and brainstem paralysis. Though there is no cure for the polio in this world, but this is preventable. One needs to receive the polio vaccine to prevent the highest risk factor of getting infected with poliovirus. The viruses are only spread human to human by direct and indirect contact.

Finally, after the huge number of campaigns and drives around the world, the cases of polio are about to disappear. In 1988, there were 125 countries where the polio was found and now the number is 3.

We can spread more smiles around the world if we start doing right things and overcome all the major diseases, all that we need is awareness and care.

Dr Lal PathLabs tweeted that “India is the latest country to have officially stopped endemic transmission of polio. Make sure India stay Polio Free.”

Commenting on the World Polio Day Dietician Sheela Seharawat said “it is awareness and efforts of different health organizations and common people, that this world is about to make itself polio free. This is a huge achievement. Everyone deserves a healthy life”.

“If we can beat the deadly diseases like Polio then we can also end the other major diseases. Change your lifestyle, be aware and do the right things to prevent health issues. Nothing can be as beautiful as a healthy world.” concludes Divya Chauhan, Health and Wellness expert.

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