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24 Mar 2023, Edition - 2810, Friday

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Why Cricket is the Most Famous Sport in India

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Image credit : Michael Weir on Unsplash


It is no surprise that cricket unites the Indian nation, more so than any other sport available in the country. Cricket is more of a national treasure in India, and you see it rub off in international competitions.

This popularity has also led to the country’s booming cricket betting industry. Comprehensive media coverage also makes it easy to keep track of games and make decisions based on what you know. You can also get tips to understand the odds better.

Cricket is an unrivaled sport in India, and we will show you why it enjoys such popularity. So, stay with us as we walk you through the top reasons the sport is the most famous in the country.

Top 4 Reasons Cricket is the Most Famous Sport in India

The reasons for cricket’s popularity are not alien but closer to us than we think. Simplicity and other factors have made it so, and you will soon see how.

In light of this, here are the top four reasons why cricket is so prevalent in India:

1. Simplicity in Gameplay

While it is possible to pick up a football and begin playing on your own, the same cannot be said for cricket. You will need at least one teammate to get the game underway. However, the sport is simple and will get you started without many hassles.

Of course, you need dedicated equipment to get the full trappings of the sport, but with the ingenuity of Indians, nothing is impossible. People often play cricket on the street, where they make do with whatever they can find.

Cricket does have rules which guide the gameplay. Professional players know them by heart and adhere to them during matches. Even so, the rules are easy for children to understand, which is why the sport is so prevalent in India.

2. Online Betting

You might be more likely to bet after reading good reviews of 9winz and other casinos. However, cricket is already a popular sport to bet on. It is one with great odds and, with extensive analysis, the opportunity to profit from it. Hence, online bettors flock to it to enjoy great sports betting services.

With online betting comes keen attention, as the bettors must keep a close watch on the matches. The popularity of cricket games grows as more people watch them. Also, many sites providing live streaming and in-game analysis have joined the trend.

The result is a sport many look forward to when there is a match or tournament. Coupled with online and offline technological support, the game becomes enjoyable to watch. While cricket’s popularity grows, online bettors that bet responsibly enjoy the game even more.

3. There is Impeccable Infrastructure for the Sport

You don’t expect a sport with several supporting infrastructures in the country not to enjoy popularity. Extensive support means easy access to professional training and development. This infrastructure includes training fields, coaching centers, and other places where players of all ages and levels can go.

There are cricket stadiums all over the country, and they have good facilities and some of the best coaching services. When these factors come together, it’s easy to get cricket training. New players can effortlessly start playing and honing their skills for a professional career.

You will often find children gathering around TVs to watch the spectacular sportsmanship of the players on screen. To many of them, the best batters are their idols, leaving lasting impressions in their minds. Indeed, cricket cuts across all age groups in the country more than any other sport.

4. Extensive Media Coverage

Cricket facilities are not the only aspects of the sport that are easily accessible to Indians, both young and old. Local and international games get a lot of attention from the media all over the country, bringing the sport closer to many. There is almost no cricket event that is not televised or covered in the print media.

Many commercial advertisements make cricket the center of their online ad campaigns whenever a tournament occurs. The same thing goes for individual matches across the country. As a result, you have investors coming in as sponsors.

Anything seen by many people is an opportunity for huge returns on investment. As investors inject more funds, cricket’s popularity continues to soar, and there is no end in sight.

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