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13 Jul 2024, Edition - 3287, Saturday

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Signs that Show an IPL Cricket Match Tips Are Fake

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Cricket is a highly celebrated game in India, and one in every 3 people love cricket. The IPL (Indian Premier League) has taken birth from this love ofcricket. The IPL is undoubtedly India’s richest sports tournament and currently the world’s third most expensive sports property.

Parallel to the growing popularity of the IPL, there is another economy that is thriving along, i.e., Betting.IPL Betting has almost become a whole new economy with its payment system and rules. Lately, paid tipsters have gained a lot of traction among punters.

There’s always something fake in everything. Likewise, there are fake tipsters in IPL too. However, we can identify fake tips from genuine tips. Let us look at a list of signs that show which tips are fake and which are not.

5 Signs Showing That a Tipster is Fake in IPL Betting

Many known and unknown tipsters of the IPL provide online betting tips, and it’s easy to identify them. But be careful while selecting a reliable tipster, or you will lose a fortune while looking for fixed matches. Some signs indicating that you are dealing with a fake tipster are:

1. No comments section on their website

The first and important sign to look out for is in the comment section on the tipster’s website. If it is disabled, the tipster is not interested in interaction with his customers. It simply means he is fake. The primary reason why they disable the comment section is that they don’t want to reveal their identity to new customers. Websites of genuine tipsters always have the comment section enabled and have customer connect points.

2. No established website

Fake tipsters don’t own established websites because they know their websites will be reported, or they can be easily accessed. So anybody offering online betting tips without owning a website stands a better chance of becoming a scammer.

Also, many fake tipsters only operate through WhatsApp or Telegram. They don’t even own a website. It is to hide their identity from the new users and the reason why they don’t own social media handles.

When it comes to IPL betting, it is always advised to select genuine and reliable tipsters as your money is at stake. A reliable tipster should own a website. However, you must ensure you research online for reviews regarding that website.

3. Fake ID

If anyone is using a pseudo name on Facebook or any other social media, that’s a fake tipster. They also keep changing their names regularly, usually after scamming a set of new customers.

Also, many of the tipsters post as a girl. As it’s a male tendency to get attracted to female profiles, tipsters use this trick to cheat you, and they cash in.

Genuine tipsters always use their real names, provide genuine contacts, and have several real friends. So next time, when you are taking a tip from a tipster through a social media profile, make sure it is legit.

4. Operate mostly in Telegram

The majority of the fake tipsters only operate in Telegram. Less than 10% of tipsters in Telegram are trustworthy. These tipsters use Photoshop to create fake screenshots of winnings. People will fall into this trap and end up paying their hard-earned money for these fake tips.

5. Screenshots of huge winnings

Scammers usually display screenshots showing huge winnings. It would be best if you always doubted these screenshots unless you were provided with the tips before the games were played. As said above, these fake tipsters Photoshop games and come up with fake figures claiming them to be their winnings.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the above signs, if a tipster asks you to pay an exorbitant fee or if he blocks you after the payment, that means a fake tipster has cheated you. With the advent of technology, tipsters use many tools and software to develop new cheating ways.

While IPL betting can be fun and exciting, you have to be very careful and do your research before going about it. Always do your research and rely only on genuine tips. The above-discussed signs should make you aware of how to identify fake tipsters from the real ones.

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