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27 May 2020, Edition - 1779, Wednesday

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OnePlus TV Q1 is launching soon: From 4K QLED screen to smart remote, here’s all we know about it


Almost a month ago, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau took to Twitter to announce that OnePlus is bringing its first smart TV to the Indian market before the world gets to see it. At the time, not much was revealed about the TV, except or the logo. However, over the course of time, we have heard and seen a lot about the OnePlus TV, both from OnePlus as well as reliable tipsters sharing all the details about the TV. We even know a tentative price for the TV – most of that is enough for someone to make a decision, if interested.

From what we know about the OnePlus TV so far, it is going to be play in the same league as the big boys of the smart TV space, namely the premium category where Samsung, Sony and LG hang out. And OnePlus is quite confident that its buyers will enjoy a different TV viewing experience that will focus on both the usual Audio/Video stuff as well as the smart TV stuff.

If you are eagerly waiting or OnePlus’ first smart TV and can’t wait enough for the launch event, here’s a compilation of all the stuff that we know about the OnePlus TV so far, both from the officially confirmed sources and the leaks.

A great display

With the OnePlus TV, OnePlus wants to get the TV viewing experience right. And in order to do that, OnePlus is using a 4K QLED screen. QLED screen are better in colours and contrasts when compared to conventional IPS LCD screens. And then to make it even better, the TV will come with the Gamma Color Magic chip that OnePlus claims helps with post processing to make for smoother animations. With support for Dolby Vision, you can expect better colours and contrasts on Hollywood movies as well. With narrow bezels, the viewing experience should be even better. Another leak suggested the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro will get a panel with 100Hz refresh rate, which could make for an even smoother TV viewing experience.

Immersive audio experience

For audio, OnePlus says that the OnePlus TV will use an eight speaker system with a total output of 50W. The speakers will be compatible with Dolby Atmos format, which should make for immersive audio experience.

Lots of smartness baked in

With a OnePlus device, software is one area where the customer never wants to compromise. And OnePlus is making sure that the OnePlus TV follow the principle of a great software experience that it’s phones have been following for years.

The OnePlus TV will run on Android TV as suggested by the company but to ensure the experience is on par with OnePlus standards, the team worked with Google to optimise the operating system at the core level. We don’t whether there will be a customised launcher similar to Oxygen OS on the OnePlus TV. However, the OnePlus TV teasers om social media are showing a customised interface that’s different from the stock interface of OnePlus TV. OnePlus says that its TV should fare better than other conventional Android TVs in the market. OnePlus will also bake in support for Amazon Prime Video out of the box as suggested by another official teaser.

As with every smart TV, the OnePlus TV will have a remote controller with a minimalist button layout. The remote, as shown by OnePlus officially, will have a few buttons and will use a USB-C port to charge up the battery. However, OnePlus will also have an app for smartphones that will allow users to use the phone in order to control most parameters of the TV. As shown by the OnePlus CEO, the app will allow users to use the phone’s keyboard for typing on the TV’s search box. Additionally, the app will also users to switch between apps without using the remote.

And it’s a OnePlus, so premium looks are a necessity

With every OnePlus device, the design aspect is given prime importance. We have seen that in past OnePlus phones and with the OnePlus TV, we expect the same. In all the teasers shown by OnePlus so far, the OnePlus TV seems to have a classy design with tasteful elements all around that could mark it aside from other smart TVs in its class. Elements such as the single mount stand, the clean carbon fiber rear panel, the chrome clad stand and the narrow bezels could make the OnePlus TV a grand addition to home furniture.

It’s not cheap but could be highly value for money

A few days ago, a leak broke out regarding the OnePlus TV’s price. The image showed that the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro will be carrying a price of Rs 1.5 lakhs, which makes it the most expensive OnePlus device ever made. However, given all the specifications that we went through in detail, it seems that the OnePlus TV is undercutting its rival flagship TVs from Samsung and Sony. The OnePlus TV Q1 could be priced just under Rs 1 lakh, however, the difference between the two models is still unknown.

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