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11 May 2021, Edition - 2128, Tuesday

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Why you should get certified for data science and Tableau

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The entire world, online and offline, is running on data. Multi-National Corporation, government agencies, startups, businesses etc. are all dependant on reliable and accurate data to function correctly. Tableau is a data visualization tool which is well reputed in both the corporate and government agencies. It makes use of statistics, analytical tools, presentations and pictorial representations of data. The number of people looking for Tableau certifications online has also dramatically increased over the past few years. The tableau desktop certification, in particular, is the most sort after certification course in today's time.

Companies like Chipotle, JPMorgan Chase etc. make a lot of use of Tableau to manage their data.

What are the benefits of data science and tableau certifications?

There are numerous benefits of obtaining data science and tableau certifications. Some services have been illustrated below –

1. There is a growing demand for data science certification specialists and tableau desktop specialists in the market. As major industries are seeing a shift to the market’s online realm, the need for efficient conservation of data has become a necessity. Tableau, in turn, helps in the accurate processing of voluminous data. Getting a course done in data science and tableau certification would be a significant boost for aspiring individuals’ career.

2. Diversified jobs: You can initially start your career in any data or technology-related field before specializing in data science and tableau related departments. Thorough knowledge of Tableau can get you an entry at any data related firm or outsourcing
company at high positions. Prior work experience in related fields would only add to your resume. Some of the most reputed jobs one can acquire with this skill set are Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Administrator, Data Architect, Analytics manager, and Business Intelligence Manager. All these jobs come with high remunerations, salaries, and bonuses.

3. Your decision making gets better: Online : tableau certification courses would teach you organizational and documentation skills very efficiently. Your problem analyzing and problem- solving skills would also improve tremendously. The courses will make you highly effective when dealing with tasks requiring you to measure, track, record, and analyze various performances and tabulate data entries.

What are the types of tableau desktop certifications?

There are three significant types of tableau desktop certifications available online. All three have been briefly explained below –

1. Tableau Desktop Specialist (3+ months experience needed)

2. Tableau Desktop Certified Associate (5+ months experience required)

3. Tableau Desktop Certified Professional (12+ months experience required)

Characteristics of tableau desktop certification –

The numerous features of the exams have been illustrated below –

● These courses will test your necessary foundational skills that one would require daily while performing his/ her job.

● The certified associate exam, in particular, does not require you to have prior knowledge of the subject or the field. All fundamental concepts would be cleared in this course.

● The tableau data would help you to convert simple data into actionable business intelligence.

● The course will teach you how to read critical metrics and figure out the outputs. You would also gain the skill to figure out how and what the company might be lacking based on the numbers being generated by the organization.

● In the certified professional courses, you will be given an in-depth understanding of how Tableau connects to various systems like the Microsoft SQL Server and MYSQL. You will also read about how Tableau can be integrated with amazon servers like Athena and Redshift.

● The certified course would require some prerequisites. You'll need to know how to differentiate joins, blends, and unions and the various scenarios that would require you to integrate all these methods.

● In the specialist course, you would have already been introduced to the data interpreter concept, which is an inherent Tableau feature. In higher courses, you would be required to use this feature efficiently in every needed situation.

● Another important skill you will learn in each of these courses is organizing and filtering out data judiciously. This is a very integral part of data science and data analytics. Even one mistake in filtering out data can cause massive problems. You would need to be familiar with user groups and hierarchies to organize and document the relevant data.

● The specialist and associate courses would strengthen your knowledge of creating sets and combined sets in Tableau.

● One should also be aware of how to use and study charts to map out relevant data and information. The courses will teach you how to measure qualitative data using various features of Tableau.

● These courses' calculation parts are deemed to be an essential part of the tableau certification courses.

Tableau contains specific tools to help you with calculations. You would be taught about some basic concepts like “Percent of Total”, “Moving Average”, and “Difference.” You would learn about how to create a Level of Detail (LOD) calculations. LODs show you how to compute values at the data source level and visualization levels.

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