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16 Jul 2024, Edition - 3290, Tuesday

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Athulya Senior Care Promotes Tailored Diabetes Management to Enhance Quality of Life for Elderly Individuals

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As the global population continues to age, the prevalence of diabetes among the elderly has become a growing concern. Athulya Senior Care recognizes the urgent need for efficient diabetes management tailored specifically for older individuals. By addressing the unique healthcare needs of seniors, Athulya Senior Care is at the forefront of promoting a holistic approach to diabetes care, emphasizing tailored exercise, dietary control, and specialized supervision.

Physical activities tailored to the abilities of senior citizens are crucial in diabetes management. Athulya Senior Care advocates for engaging in exercises and physical pursuits suitable for older individuals. Assessing an individual’s physical capabilities before commencing any fitness routine ensures safe and effective diabetes management, enhancing overall well-being. The facility offers a vast expanse of landscaped gardens which is used by the residents for yoga, aerobics and even for taking walks around. Safety and security is paramount so all precautions are in place.

Dietary choices play a pivotal role in diabetes management, especially for the elderly. Adhering to a restrictive diet and refraining from consuming large amounts of carbohydrates during meals are fundamental strategies. These dietary decisions assist in regulating blood sugar levels, leading to improved health outcomes for elderly individuals grappling with diabetes. At Athulya Senior Care a nutritionist plans the meals for the residents based on each ones specific need.

Incorporating regular walking, gradually increasing the intensity, significantly contributes to effective diabetes management. Walking, being a low-impact exercise, helps in controlling blood sugar levels, enhancing cardiovascular health, and improving mobility. Athulya Senior Care encourages seniors to embrace walking as part of their daily routine to promote overall wellness.

Elderly individuals with diabetes are at a heightened risk of various geriatric syndromes, including frailty, depression, cognitive impairment, falls, fractures, and disability. Managing these conditions poses a challenge for healthcare professionals. Athulya Senior Care specializes in addressing these unique challenges, offering expert guidance and unwavering support to ensure the well-being of elderly individuals.

For those facing difficulties in managing their medication regimen, specialized supervision becomes indispensable. Athulya Senior Care emphasizes the importance of services such as Assisted Living or Home Healthcare. These services ensure that elderly individuals receive the requisite care and attention, enabling them to effectively manage their diabetes and lead healthier lives.

“At Athulya Senior Care, we are committed to empowering the elderly, enabling them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives despite diabetes. By emphasizing tailored exercise, dietary control, and specialized supervision, we aim to enhance their well-being and promise a brighter and healthier future for the ageing population,” said Dr Umapathy M , General Physician , Athulya Senior Care.

Athulya Senior Care is a leading senior care provider dedicated to enhancing the lives of elderly individuals. With a focus on personalized and comprehensive care, Athulya Senior Care offers a range of services, including Assisted Living, Home Healthcare, and specialized support for diabetes management. Committed to promoting the well-being of seniors, Athulya Senior Care provides expert guidance and unwavering support to ensure a higher quality of life for elderly individuals.

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