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19 May 2024, Edition - 3232, Sunday

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Dream physique can turn into nightmare

Uma Ram


Define beauty – the feedback will be a multifaceted riposte, as `Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. The concept varies with individual perception and preferences, and the trending idealistic beauty is a fair complexioned zero sized figure. But in truth beauty is simply being healthy and independent. A beautiful toned figure or complexion through surgeries or treatments leaving the person dependent on others or medicines is no better than a curse.

Everyone bemoans their own proviso, be it obesity or a bony figure, a damaged skin, a short or tall stature or the length or texture of the hair. The much sought after this day being size zero, cut down from the once opted sand glass figure and obtained through short cuts, demands not only high expenses but also leads to depression and even loss of self-esteem in a few, apart from the residual side effects.

Slimming centres and laser clinics promise the results sans surgery and personal strain. But can everyone bear such expenses for grooming, or do the ones who have already scrutinised the short cuts have had permanent solutions? To my knowledge I think it’s a strong no.

An acquaintance’s daughter took the services of one such slimming centre for weight loss with a discounted combo of laser for fairness and hair straightening. But the net product was a disfigured sagging body, wrinkles and blisters which left behind ugly scars. The worst part of it was that her friends started teasing her saying she resembled the cartoon character Tweety with her cheeks sagging.

But in a couple of months she nearly doubled her weight, with an additional supplement of chronic hair loss and bald patches on the scalp. She had to rush again to a popular dermatologist for regaining her lost hair and skin, which again cost her heavily. To add to it were the psychiatric problems she developed and had to be on antidepressants for over a year.

On the other hand, those thin go for fillers and botox shots or augmentations that result in cancers.

Celebrities canvas for such short cuts though their plight is pitiable. Recently when I consulted a reflexologist for my problems post two fractures, I was astounded to know that one of the trending dream girls of the celluloid world was his regular client. She had developed chronic pain in her feet after a lipo surgery, having made her dependant on others for even her daily chores after one of her major nerves had been meddled with. But the irony is that she was the one who had canvassed for being fit through workouts in commercials and movies.

There are also pills and lotions assuring weight loss and a toned skin. But sadly those who have used them have had only adverse results, like bloating and some have even developed chronic bowel syndromes and skin ailments, as revealed through peer group discussions.

Even a speck clean room goes begrimed sans perpetuation and the most pompous palaces look haunted sans maintenance. The most beautiful skin can get damaged with zero subsistence. What then can guarantee a permanent solution for figure maintenance, when the intake is junk and fatty foods, or even simple meals get stagnated in the system as fat deposits?

That poses questions as to what is the panacea for a ream-toned physique. It is nothing but a balanced healthy diet with a regular workout regime under a professional trainer, at least initially, and then on a regular basis, sans supervision. For even workouts when done without proper guidance can damage nerves, bones and a few have even had cardiac arrests. The simplest of the simple workout is a brisk walk, preferably retracing the numeral `eight’.

Every drop of sweat you shed is your own effort of flushing out toxins that disfigure you, influence your moods that mould your life.

Your self confidence gets boosted when you see your reflection in the mirror, having sculpted yourself. Remember negativity in all forms refuses to quit our system, and hence is the pain we experience during workouts, initially. Exercises are like supplying antibiotics to the body to kill the infections. So basically the body needs a complete dose to clear the toxins.

It’s just like discontinuing antibiotics midway in a course and getting a relapse if you give up after the desired results. Once the body gets acclimatised to the workout regime, it becomes a daily chore, like brushing and bathing. Then one fine day your body will demand workouts by itself popping out pains, to force you to a workout. Those who complain of lack of time are the ones who will devote their entire time in hospitals in future.

So become your body’s healthy slave and never enslave it to unhealthy negativities. So what is the wait for? Flush out the toxins, unclog your clots, pump up your heart and recirculate your blood. Today is the day. Practice delayed is results denied! Love yourself, others will fall for you! Happy exercising!

(The author of the column is Uma Ram, freelance writer from Coimbatore)

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are the author’s own.

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