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05 Dec 2022, Edition - 2701, Monday

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Is Self-determined learning being a newer way for teaching & learning?

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Image credit : Featured image inspired by Mike Rohde


NEP 2020 suggested applying different approaches to teaching and learning where learner autonomy is taken into consideration. Pedagogy has been part of schools’ conventional method of teaching often seen as unidirectional where the teacher acts as information provider and students as receiver.

School reopening has been topsy-turvy since Wave 1 of pandemic. There are clear indicators that schools may not open full time for all grades. A model of ‘blended learning’, a mix of classroom instruction and remote education such as self-study, radio, TV or online has made headlines since a year ago.

Some educators offer views on the need of heutagogy in vision to NEP 2020.

Do you think it’s time to adopt a newer learning process for kids? Or Do you think kids are too young to learn through these ways?

Learning gaps are created because of pandemic and inevitable online mode of teaching and learning. This is a clear call out to introduce bridge or foundation courses through newer methods of learning. A seasoned educationist Mrs. Vineetha Anil says, “Schools might need a minimum of a month or two to cover concepts that were taught online. Teachers are expected to start fresh to cover concepts that are likely to be forgotten or were not covered in two academic sessions. Teachers will have uphill tasks of identifying resources and in planning classes.”

NEP 2020 is an indicator of moving teaching methods and practice from pedagogy to something else. What is something else you think? If we are going to have a ‘blended learning’, what does it mean in implementation of NEP 2020?

Introduction of NEP 2020 is making schools adopt blended learning to enhance creativity and ability to think outside the box. This will also ensure no one is deprived. Rennie Joseph Mendonce, Principal of Police Public School Mysuru believes that today’s kids adapt to technology like a ‘duck takes to water’.

Mrs. Vineetha Anil says, “Label of pedagogy cannot be overcome easily, educators might take heutagogy a self-determined learning methodology as a newer pedagogy.” She believes that teachers will become learners along with the learners. A really collaborative approach would be visible through the newer pedagogy. Such progressive or development methodology would definitely add 21st century skills to kids.

Skill based activities are enjoyed by kids of any age. Activities like experiential, collaborative, inquiry-based, reflective, constructive and integrative pedagogical approaches can be adopted appropriately which are NEP 2020 recommendation.

Santosh Avvannavar, Education Journalist at QtSTEAM & Mentor at QtPi Robotics

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