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28 May 2024, Edition - 3241, Tuesday

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  • The film where Bobby Simha and Yogi Babu are scheduled to act together is titled ‘Nonviolence’.
  • NTK leader Seeman yields a challenge. Vows to dismantle party if BJP gets more votes than his party in the constituencies that they are contesting .
  • EPS condemns Kerala govt for having sent a letter to Centre seeking to construct a new dam after demolishing the Mullaiperiyar Dam.
  • Schools to reopen on June 6 for students from Class 1 to XII in TN : Education Department


Transform Your Sound: The Next-Level Artist Tool!

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In an ever-evolving music industry, Viberate for Artists stands out as an innovative hub, specifically tailored for musicians seeking to analyze and promote their music seamlessly. Since 2015, Viberate has been at the forefront of analytics in the music sector. The introduction of Viberate for Artists
represents a major advancement, providing a comprehensive platform that includes original streaming statistics, social media analysis, a data-driven music website, and efficient Spotify playlist promotion.

Revolutionizing Music Analytics: The Unique Viberate for Artists Approach

Viberate for Artists is notably the first of its kind in integrating first-party data. This platform allows artists, particularly those using Spotify for Artists, to consolidate their streaming data from various channels like Shazam, Apple Music, and Amazon Music into one inclusive dashboard. The inclusion of Spotify for Artists enhances the experience, providing more in-depth metrics, combined with the artist’s social media and music stats, all in one convenient location. This integration streamlines the planning and monitoring of music releases, highlighting the unique benefits of Viberate for Artists.

Empowering Artists with Sophisticated Promotional Tools

Viberate for Artists opens up avenues previously limited to major industry players, by offering advanced, data-driven tools for all artists. The platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with Spotify for Artists provides an excellent resource for Spotify playlist pitching. Artists can utilize analytics to understand their audience better, plan promotional campaigns effectively, and select Spotify playlists most suited to their music style for targeted pitching.

The Viberate for Artists platform hosts an impressive collection of over 12 million Spotify playlists, enabling artists to find the perfect match for their genre and boost streaming performance through strategic Spotify playlist pitching. It also equips musicians with a professional one-sheet, essential for bookings, and presents their music on various platforms and social networks, simplifying the process for playlist curators to evaluate and select songs.

Every Musician’s Digital Showcase: A Free Website for Musicians Boasting the world’s largest verified, crowdsourced database of musicians, Viberate ensures that each artist can benefit from a free website for musicians. These websites serve as a digital portfolio showcasing links to their music and social media, and highlighting content vital for industry professionals seeking new talent. For users of Viberate for Artists, these sites are further enhanced with a “book now” button and various contact options, ensuring their digital presence is robust and continuously updated.

Affordable and Accessible: Viberate for Artists

Viberate for Artists is designed to be accessible to a wide range of artists, offered at a competitive price of 2.99€ per month. This strategic pricing makes Viberate for Artists an attractive option for artists at different stages of their career. The platform not only integrates Spotify for Artists but also opens up additional features and functionalities, helping artists to establish and grow their presence in the global music scene.

In conclusion, Viberate for Artists reshapes the landscape of music promotion and analytics. By integrating critical tools such as Spotify for Artists, offering streamlined Spotify playlist pitching, and providing a free website for musicians, it stands as an invaluable resource for artists globally. Viberate for Artists not only simplifies the complexities of music analytics but also empowers artists with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive music industry.

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