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05 Dec 2022, Edition - 2701, Monday

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A Guide for the Best Sports Shoes

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Having a proper running shoe is more important than having a proper running mate. Good running shoes are a must for ardent runners or fitness enthusiasts. For constant speed, accurate running, and a heel-to-toe protection, you must pick the correct sports shoe.

You get a variety of sports shoes for men and women of different brands, prices, quality, etc. However, the important task is to pick the right one for your feet without compromising on your running regime. Here are a few useful know-hows to buy the best sports shoe.

Types of foot

The fitting of any shoe depends on the foot type. There are three types:

Flat feet: People devoid of a distinct arch most likely have flat feet. When you are standing on your feet, the gap between the heel and the ball of your foot is the arch. People with flat feet have greater flexibility, so they need shoes that can control the motion. You would want to have a shoe that will offer you durable heel support and solid foam in the middle of your foot.
High arches: Having a considerable space between the floor and your feet, the latter generally tends to be stiffer. You would require a flexible sports shoe that will offer arch support. Arch support will provide a cushion to the middle of the foot on the impact of every stride.

Neutral feet: If you have a neutral foot, then the arch possibly falls between being flat and high. This kind of foot fits into almost all average shoes. You do not need any particular added support for your arch.

Different parts of shoes

When people buy sports shoes, you may hear them asking about the different parts of a shoe and their unique needs. The different parts of a shoe are:

● Upper shoe: The top portion of the shoe where you tighten the laces around the foot.
● Heel counter: It is the sturdy support material wrapping around the back of the heel, offering stability.
● Midsole: This forms the parts of the shoe that lies between the stride and upper shoe. Midsoles offer the mainshock absorption for your foot.
● Outer sole: The actual bottom sheet of the shoe where you get the tread.
● Toe box: It is the segment of the shoe where the toes fit.

So how do you choose the best running shoe?

There are three kinds of running shoes. You must find out the best one that suits your feet.
● The first kind is stability shoes. Do you have a standard arch with just a minor control problem, then this is your kind of shoe. They give your heel extra stability and additional flexibility to the ball of your foot.
● If your feet are flat, then motion control shoes are the best choice. People with flat feet tend to roll their feet inward a lot more than the usual practice. These shoes help you to keep proper position during a run. They typically have stiffer plastic or fiberglass lining along with high-density foam.
● The third kind of sports shoe is known as cushioning shoes. As high arches require added support, these shoes give your feet that cushioning support. Cushioning shoes are also helpful if you are likely to turn your feet outward more than what is normal. These are lightweight and less rigid than other shoes.

Now you might think that choosing the right sports shoe is only about these things! Not really. You need to also keep away from certain factors while you choose the perfect one. Follow these tips:

● Excessive cushioning
● Too soft cushioning
● A cushion that is lower at the toes and higher at the heel
● Extra arch support inserts

When you go to buy your running shoes, be very confident about the fit. The above features might compromise the fitting of the shoe. The shoes are supposed to wrap around your feet comfortably. It is not supposed to bite or feel sloppy; your feet must be on the center of the shoe platform.

Also, remember to try your sports shoes either during the afternoon or evening. Your feet tend to puff up due to running and walking throughout the day, and that might not offer you the correct fit.

Hence, while you pick shoes for boys or women, you look for the perfect fit and quality products at the best price. Many suggest carrying the old shoe while buying the new one to ensure comfort. After all, the best purchase gives you the best feeling when you run.

Also, the look of the shoe is very important but do not base your selection only on the look factor. Keep comfort your top priority.

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