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04 Feb 2023, Edition - 2762, Saturday

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Here’s What to Look for When Buying Earphones Online

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Getting the sound just right can mean the difference between a dull bus ride and a musical, energetic journey. However, there is more to earphones than meets the eye. A lot of science and engineering goes into making a pair of earphones sound the way they do. The sound can be tuned in an endless number of ways, and enjoying the audio experience is more about matching a pair of earphones to the music you usually listen to rather than picking a pair based on appearance.

This guide will help you understand what to look for in earphones and how to make an informed decision while shopping online. If you're perplexed by any of the terms used, scroll down to know all about buying earphones.

Let’s begin with knowing the types of earphones available online:

* In-Ears

In-ear earphones, also known as IEMs (In-Ear Monitors), are the smallest and most portable of all the different types. Each earbud is designed to fit into your ear canal and is powered by small drivers, which are typically 8-10mm in size. It can be wrapped and stored quickly and easily, making it ideal for commuting and travelling.

* Over the Ear

Over-ear earphones, also known as around-ears and circum-aural earphones, are the largest and the most comfortable type. Over-ear headphones, like on-ear headphones, have large driver casings and a headband, but the ear cups wrap completely around your ears instead of resting on them.

* Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones are great for freedom of movement. They are in-ear earphones minus the wire. So, if you are looking for mobility, wireless earphones can be the right purchase for you. Some features to look for while buying earphones online:

* Noise Cancellation

These earphones use active noise-cancelling technology, which drowns out certain sounds to provide the listener with peace and quiet. Active noise-cancelling earphones use small microphones that detect outside noise and generate noise at the opposite frequency to cancel it out. Noise-cancelling headphones are useful for drowning out droning sounds such as aeroplane engines, factory machinery, air conditioner hum, and other such uniform frequency sounds.

* Design

When purchasing new earphones online, the design is the next most important consideration. When it comes to a product that will presumably be hanging out of your ears for an extended period of time, it is critical that you get a design that you are comfortable wearing and the proper fit. If the buds are too large, they may be painful to wear. They may fall out if they are too small.

* Features

Almost every product you come across while shopping for a new pair of earphones will have a few distinguishing features. However, it’s best to limit yourself to the features that are important to you. For example, if you don’t intend to use your earphones in the shower, don't look for a product with the best water resistance; instead, look for something that sounds the best at that price point. Key features to look for include the ability to control music playback and calls, activate voice assistants, quick pairing, and dependable connectivity.

Concluding our list of what to look for while buying earphones online, it is also crucial to shop from reputed brands like Fastrack. The popular youth brand – Fastrack is known to offer the best quality earphones and headphones at reasonable prices online. You can choose from truly wireless earbuds, over the head Wireless earphones, to behind the neck Bluetooth earphones. So, know what you are looking for and research well to get the best earphones online without any hassle!

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