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15 Jun 2024, Edition - 3259, Saturday

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How To Travel To Kinshasa And What You Will Find!

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When you think of Kinshasa, some imagine war and conflict. We can’t blame them though, because war usually leaves behind unsettling memories and destruction. However, so much has changed in Kinshasa since 1994, there are so many attractions and tourism activities to engage in without fear. More people are visiting the city now than before.

In this article, we are going to mention how to get to Kinshasa and some of the attractions and activities you can find there.

Air travel is indeed the safest and best way to enter the city. Kinshasa airport is gradually becoming one of the busiest in central Africa and gets flights from Egypt, Paris, Nairobi, Johannesburg, and Brussels.

Even though Kinshasa airport is situated out of the city, you can find taxis or hire a private car to take you to the city center. It is important to note that other than valid travel documents, travelers are required to take a yellow fever vaccination and also observe covid regulations.

If you are traveling as a tourist, here are some of the things you can do in Kinshasa.

If you would love to go to Kinshasa from Cairo for example, you can visit online flight booking platforms such as Egypt air flight booking to book your flight

Orphaned dwarf chimpanzees sanctuary

Also known to the locals as Bonobos, the dwarf chimpanzees are smaller compared to the common ones. They can only be found in central Africa. The sanctuary is located outside the city at a place known as Kimwenza. Bonobos are placed in a sanctuary because they are rare and therefore threatened by extinction. Over the years they have declined in numbers. The major threat comes from human encroachment on their habitat, poaching, and illegal animal trafficking. Some locals also hunt them for meat. Once rescued the Bonobos are usually transferred to the sanctuary for rehabilitation, and released back to the wild when they are ready.

Check out the National Museum of Kinshasa

This is a national museum whose significance to Congolese history and culture cannot be overstated. Visitors can learn about the history and impact of the city on the nation by visiting the museum. Museum collections include about 47,000 artifacts that describe the country’s history, its wildlife, its rivers and lakes, and its tribes. You will be guided through the exhibits by Museum staff before viewing the Congo river.

Monumental buildings in Kinshasa

One of the famous monumental buildings in Kinshasa is known as Palais de nation or place of the nation. It was built in 1957 to serve as the residence of the governor of Belgium. It was later used by the first president, Patrick Lumumba. Another worth visiting is the People’s Palace or Palais du Peuple. The people’s palace is where the laws of the country were formulated. If your mission is to visit monuments, you should also go to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The cathedral was built with bricks and beautiful glass finishes in 1947. The main Roman Catholic church in Kinshasa or Église Ste Anne sits in a larger compound. You must drive 100 kilometers from Kinshasa up to Kisantu to see the largest catholic church in Congo. Another prominent building with interesting architecture is the International Trade Center, which is the headquarters of the mineral marketing agency.

African Park

This fascinating park is located out of the city center. The park consists of water bodies, wildlife, and forest. It is an amazing spot to visit with your friends and family. The park is ideal for visitors who are looking for a quiet
and nice place to relax.

Snake farm and Botanical garden

The botanical garden is in a quiet and serene place outside of the city so you can enjoy nature after exploring the African Park. There are several species of trees, including some old ones like cacti and herbariums. There is also a restaurant in the gardens offering Congolese food. In addition, there is a snake farm, located 28 kilometers from the city center, which you may want to visit after visiting the botanical gardens. This farm is home to a variety of snakes, including some venomous ones.

The Zongo WaterFall

This waterfall is located outside the city about 130 kilometers. It is surrounded by quiet and lovely scenery which is a bit different from the city experience. It is the best place to go during the weekend or if you need a nice place to relax. If you want you can walk into the rainforest for bird watching and primate viewing.

Try the local cuisine

The city of Kinshasa is filled with visitors from all over the world. As a result, there are quality places and restaurants to eat different kinds of foods. If you are a foodie, you may want to try the local cuisine such as Poulet à la Moambe, it is one of the most popular Congolese foods prepared with 8 ingredients, including cassava and chicken. Once prepared, this food is served with a mixture of millet and cassava flour also known as ugali. Given that Kinshasa has a number of water bodies, fish is a popular dish there. It is possible to wash down the food with coconut juice, rum, milk, or local beers – Simba and Bracongo.

Visit the city markets

The easiest way to learn about other people’s cultures is through interaction. Main markets in Kinshasa are usually filled with locals you can meet and learn a lot of things from. You can visit the central market, it is one of the biggest markets in Congo and possibly one of the largest in Africa. To visit this market it is advised to go with someone who knows the area well.

Final Thoughts

You can now visit Kinshasa safely through the routes operated by airlines like Egyptair, the city has so much to offer you, whether you are visiting as a tourist, businessman, or a researcher.

The rich history of this central African city, the amazing nature, and the existence of unique wildlife such as Bonobos are just some of the top reasons many people travel to Kinshasa.

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