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14 Apr 2024, Edition - 3197, Sunday

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Health Matters

5 Ways To Avoid Over-Eating At Night!



It is often said that one must have a heavy breakfast, because our body is the most active during morning hours, hence can digest quickly. This should be followed by a light lunch and an even lighter dinner. However, most of us tend to binge-eat at night; thanks to unhealthy eating habits or parties or any other factor. We all end up eating more than our tummy’s capacity, increasing the caloric count, which in turn adds up to the flabs. So if you have been over-eating lately, you must know that it is clearly the reason for your growing tummy. We give you some tips to avoid over-eating at night irrespective of where you are and whatever you are eating.

1. Breakfast is A Must

If you have missed out on your breakfast, chances are that you will end up over-eating during dinnertime. Skipping breakfast may make you feel famished through the day, further making you eat more than your capacity. Having a hearty breakfast will keep you off from feeling fatigued; hence making you eat normal amounts.

2. Eat Frequent Meals

In order to not feel hungry at dinnertime, it is important to eat frequent meals at regular intervals through the day. These small meals will ensure a fuller stomach, resulting in eating lesser at night.

3. Drink Water Right Before Having Your Last Meal

Water helps you feel satiated; therefore, make sure you drink a glass or two right before you pick that plate up at dinner. Water in your tummy will act as a barrier to excess food, making you eat just the right amount. Do not drink water in between your meal as it may put off the digestive fire leading to indigestion.

4. Include More Proteins In Breakfast and Lunch

If you load up on proteins through the day, chances are that you will feel less hungry at night. Proteins are complex molecules that take time to break down, further making them difficult to digest. Consuming protein rich foods through the day can actually help you feel satiated and crave less.

5. Eat Slowly

Do you know your brain takes up about 20 minutes to figure out that you are feeding your stomach? So if you eat speedily, there is a chance that you will end up eating more till the brain signals the load up. Therefore, ensure you eat slowly and chew your food properly.

Remember, you eat to live and not live to eat. Therefore, ensure you choose a healthy eating habit and eat according to your stomach’s capacity.

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