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23 Jul 2024, Edition - 3297, Tuesday

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Health Matters

Here’s How You Can Make Your Own Natural Toothpaste At Home!



In a world full of chemically laden products, our kitchen ingredients come to our rescue; no matter it is about making your skin glow, detoxifying your body system or taking care of your oral hygiene. These kitchen ingredients come as a saviour when it comes to maintaining your oral health, especially your pearly whites. Needless to say, the commercial toothpastes you buy are loaded with chemicals that may harm your teeth in the long run. So, it is always good to resort to natural toothpaste that you can actually bring in to use; all you need is a few ingredients from your kitchen shelf.

If the thought of making toothpaste at home hasn’t crossed your mind, we have got your back. We suggest an ingenious way to make homemade toothpaste.

All you need are these few essential ingredients:

1.Baking soda


3.Peppermint essential oil

4.Filtered water

DIY Toothpaste at Home

Mix together baking soda, salt (optional) and peppermint essential oil. Add a little water at a time; stir it well after each addition until the paste reaches its desired consistency. That’s it!

This is how the natural toothpaste will help clean your teeth and keep bad breath at bay.

Baking soda is one the best ways to clean your teeth. In fact, you can use baking soda as is. It is non-toxic and increases alkalinity in the mouth by neutralising acids saving teeth from enamel erosion.
Salt acts as a gentle abrasive that helps to remove stains and further brighten teeth. It also comprises a natural source of fluoride that is a bonus, both for your teeth and gums. Fluoride is generally found in most commercial toothpastes.

Peppermint essential oil gives you a fresh minty breath like any other toothpaste would do. The strong flavour not only helps to give you a good breath, but it also helps to kill anaerobic bacteria that thrive in your mouth. You can also blend some peppermint leaves into the paste if you have inhibitions using the essential oils. Make sure you clean the leaves well.

Water helps wash away food residues, and further keeps your saliva levels high. Did you know that saliva is the best defence against tooth decay as it contains proteins and minerals that counteract enamel-eating acids?
Use this toothpaste just like any other by adding some on your brush to clean your teeth well. Rinse your mouth well and see how effective it turns out to be. So, next time you pick toothpaste to brush your pearly whites, make sure it is homemade!

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