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28 Jan 2023, Edition - 2755, Saturday

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Decoding IVF treatment: All you need to know – for first timers and for second opinions

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Infertility can be the most difficult phase of one’s life and it can seem like the end of the road. There are always social stigmas attached to infertility but in recent times, people have started to open up and talk about it. A few decades ago, before the advancement of science and technology, it is always the women who were blamed for not having the child. Then when tests were about to find out exactly who is RT reason for not having the child, the results were shocking. In 75% of the cases, it was male infertility which attributed. In women, there is nothing like infertility but there can be complications which can prevent conception from happening. Most of the times, the issue which the women are reversible but for men, it might not be the case.

Reproduction is the process of fertilization wherein a sperm mates with an egg cell in the vaginal and the embryo is formed. In the case of infertility, this process is hampered and there is no fertilization as the sperm and egg do not meet at all. This is where IVF bridges the gap. IVF expand to in-vitro fertilization and is one of the advanced artificial insemination procedure available in the market. Here, the sperm and the egg cells are made to fertilize artificially inside a test tube and the embryo is produced and made to grow under suitable conditions. Once the embryo is healthy, it is then inserted into the vagina through the artificial insemination process. At any best ivf clinics in Chennai open today, the entire process takes about 48 to 72 hours and is done in 2 or 3 cycles depending upon the growth and health of the embryo.

Most of think that this is an advanced process and hence would cost a bomb to our pockets. But the reality is quite otherwise. Most hospitals provide us with some of the best possible offers and schemes like EMI to help everyone avail this. Finding the top IVF treatment center in Bangalore is your responsibility as there are a lot of players in the market. Do your part of the research by enquiring or by booking an appointment and attending the free counseling sessions. Always understand that infertility affects each one of us in a different way and there is no one size fits all. If someone had got conceived in the 1st cycle then it does not mean that the same would also happen to us. And the same way, if someone had conceived in their 3rd, doesn’t mean it will happen to us in the 3rd only, it can even happen in the 1st. Keep your hopes high and attend the counseling session where the doctor would tell you of all the possible things you can do in order to conceive faster.

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