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29 May 2024, Edition - 3242, Wednesday

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How is Snakes and Ladders Played? Find Out Here

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Over the years, many board games have come and gone out of style. However, there have been a few whose popularity has not declined a bit throughout the years. Snakes and ladders is one such game. Despite the game being centuries old, millions of individuals still love to indulge in it.

Similar to numerous other board games like ludo and chess, snakes and ladders can be enjoyed in two modes: the conventional offline mode and the more accessible virtual or online mode. This article will cover how the game is played in both modes. So let us dive right into it:

How to Play Snakes and Ladders in Offline Mode

To indulge in the snakes and ladders game in the offline mode, individuals must have two things – a physical snakes and ladders game board and a dice. Once they have the necessary equipment, they can play the game as per the given step-by-step procedure:

#1 – Understand the Game’s Primary Objective

Every player who wishes to indulge in a game of snakes and ladders must be familiar with its objective. The main aim of every player in a game of snakes and ladders should be to become the first one to reach the end of the board by moving across the playing board from the first square to the last or the 100th one.

Most of the physical boards wrap back and forth; thus, players need to move left to the right across the first row, then move up to the second and go from left to right, and so on.

#2 – Establish the Order of Playing

In most cases, snakes and ladders games involve multiple players. Hence, which player should start the game must be declared first to avoid confusion related to turns. To do so, each player should roll the dice once. The one who gets the highest number should have the first turn.

After the player with the highest number takes their turn, the person sitting on their left side will take a turn. If two or more participants roll the same number, they would need to roll the die again to determine who gets to go first.

#3 – Start Rolling the DIe

Once the playing order has been established, players should start rolling the die on their turns and read the number they rolled. As per the rolled number, they should move their playing pieces on the board. For instance, if players roll a 2, they should move their playing piece two blocks further.

To get out of the base or to start playing the game, players need to roll a specific number which is decided unanimously. For example, if the required number is 1, every player must roll a one to start moving their playing piece from the first square. Even though this rule is not mandatory, players can apply it to make the game more interesting.

#4 – Climb Up the Ladders Present on Specific Blocks

The ladders present on the gaming board allow players to directly jump multiple blocks and reach closer to the finish line. For instance, if a ladder is present on the block labeled 16 and the player’s piece lands on it, it will automatically reach the block where the ladder ends.

Thanks to the fast climbing it offers, most players are always on the lookout to land on blocks where ladders are present. Multiple ladders are present throughout the board; thus, players get multiple opportunities to use them to race past their opponents.

#5 – Get Demoted by Landing on Blocks With Snakes

Besides featuring multiple ladders, snakes and ladders game boards also feature snakes. However, as opposed to ladders, landing on blocks featuring the mouth of snakes makes the playing piece descend to a lower level. Hence, if a player’s piece lands on a block with a snake’s mouth, they are required to slide the token down to the square at the bottom of the snake.

Due to the demoting factor snakes feature, players try their best to avoid landing on their heads. However, since the game is based on luck, i.e., the number a player rolls is out of their control, all players can do is pray they are lucky.

#6 – Reach the Block Marked 100 First to Win the Game

The first player to reach the last or the 100th square on the board wins the game. However, players who roll too high bounce off the last square and move back. Hence, any player who wishes to win must roll the exact number to land on the last square and emerge victorious.
How to Play Snakes and Ladders Online
As opposed to a physical gaming board, all enthusiasts need to indulge in a snakes and ladders match is an online snakes and ladders game and a reliable Internet connection. Once they have installed the game on their respective smartphone, all they need to do is open the game, find a match against an anonymous opponent or invite friends to start playing.

In the classic mode, all the rules remain the same. However, the only difference is that instead of rolling a physical die, players need to tap on the die icon to play their turn.

As evident from the steps mentioned above, the snakes and ladders game has a simple gameplay, which is one of the main reasons the board game’s popularity is still intact. Therefore, any individual who wishes to play snakes and ladders can do it by following the procedures mentioned above.

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