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04 Feb 2023, Edition - 2762, Saturday

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Industries that grew a lot lately in India

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India’s economy is one of the biggest and most diverse globally. The country’s industries are performing well in the global arena, which helps it develop at a remarkable pace.
Besides, while most sectors are doing well, some have more noticeable progress. So, to learn about the industries that have grown lately in India, continue reading.

Online Gaming

No doubt, this is one of the fastest-growing industries not only in India but also globally. Online casinos have by far made gaming more accessible since you can play from anywhere. Indeed, you don’t have to step out of the doorstep to enjoy online gaming.

Moreover, the smooth operation of these casinos on mobile makes the industry thrive more. Today, even without a computer, you can play most online casino games. What’s more, there are many websites where you can experience the thrill of online gaming.

In particular, the Indian market enjoys access to some of the best sites, such as the ones at Casinobetting.live/.. Another thing that helps this industry’s growth is the presence of experienced software developers who deliver top-notch gaming products and solutions.

Health care Industry

The industry is experiencing rapid growth, and this is expected to continue. The country has a huge population, resulting in high demand for healthcare services. India is striving to make health care more accessible to many, making this industry grow.

What’s more, people from several third-world countries seek further medical attention in India since it offers affordable yet quality services. Moreover, the pharmaceutical industry, a sector closely related to this, is equally doing well.

The industry’s main agenda is to deliver effective vaccines, drugs, and medicine. So far, it’s doing a great job, especially in creating employment. And that’s why the medical industry has huge scope to boom now and in the coming years.

Information Technology

Today, India is among the leading giants in the information technology sector. And, it is expected that it will continue getting greater as more people embrace the use of computers to store, transfer, and retrieve information.
Currently, we have different countries that have invested in some of India’s top IT companies to help with data analysis, information management, statistics, and more. It’s also worth noting that this industry has been one of India’s biggest markets, despite its humble beginnings.

In the future, the government aims to accelerate its development even further. That will see more advancements in this sector that has greatly changed how we share and store information.

Sports Industry

The sports sector is also growing fast. The development of this industry is helping create employment opportunities in sports goods and equipment, sports management, and sportswear.
Additionally, it creates opportunities for sports professionals, including players, managers, and other stakeholders. Further, sports betting has also picked pace in the country, further contributing to its growth.
However, while the country is yet to legalize sports betting fully, it’s reaping benefits from horse race betting. And since plans are underway, you can expect more developments as the industry attracts millions. In return, that will increase the amount of money earned from the market, reciprocating to more progress.

Real Estate

The housing market in India is doing well, thanks to the high end-user demand. Also, a relaxed market is helping this industry to thrive. As a result, average sales have increased, a factor that has seen real estate grow exponentially

Again, online registrations resulting from digital marketing have increased. That shows that realtors are reaching a broader audience, which is vital for any business seeking to succeed. Notably, places like Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore are already registering growth levels.

Chemical Industry

India is among the leading dye providers, accounting for approximately 16% of the world’s dye output. The country plays a huge role in exporting medicines, agrochemicals, and dyes. At the moment, countries like the US, the UK, Germany, and Japan import their dyes from India.

The pigments and dyes sector will be worth billions in the coming years. And that is already being experienced since there is evidence of increased local and international demand. People will continue to use dyes, and as such, this industry will still be growing even into the future.

Renewable Energy

India’s renewable energy industry is already booming. In part, this is a result of the high demand for renewable energy from households and industries. The Indian government is aware that this is a promising market. Hence, it focuses on green hydrogen, solar equipment, and electric vehicles.

India also aims to meet the 175 GW renewable capacity target by the end of 2022. If it achieves that, renewable energy will be more accessible and affordable. This will likely increase the demand for renewable energy sources, as is already the case.

Travel and Tourism

India is home to beautiful places that attract millions of visitors each year. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the tourism industry makes up the list of the fastest-growing sectors in this country. The sector generates foreign exchange and offers job opportunities to thousands.
Besides, the government puts its efforts into improving this industry to ensure it attracts more people. It also finds ways to expand it to make it more accommodating to different tourists. Hence, the industry is headed to greatness, and so far, so good.

Automobile Sector

The automobile industry happens to be the largest in the country. The sector contributes close to 7% of GDP and aims to reach 12% in a few years. As the country continues to develop its expertise in automobile production, the demand increases.

The automobile industry covers a broad scope, including design, manufacturing, and selling automobiles. It is renowned for brands like Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra and Mahindra, Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors India, and Honda. These are top-selling brands that bring considerable revenue to the country.

In 2020, for instance, India was the 5th largest automobile industry globally, beating Germany in regards to sales. Then, in 2021, it was ranked as the fourth largest automotive market in the world. The industry is no doubt outgrowing, having shown impressive progress lately.

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