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18 Apr 2024, Edition - 3201, Thursday

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India News

Punish a muslim day? Let’s condemn it together

Indrani Thakurata


Xenophobia is a reality of our times. Suddenly we find ourselves so divided by caste, creed and religion. We have stopped looking at humans as humans,which is very scary. Though controversial, I must admit that there is a right wing wave now. And these hate letters are a result of our times,” Sayoni Das, an Indian student in UK. Punish a muslim day was declared by these anonymous mails sent to homes,lawmakers. The letter stated disturbing point-based system that would award attackers for acts of hatred and violence. “Though one can dismiss it as just one day and works of miscreants but it a reminder of the hate that we are getting used to. There is no debate as to why and what has fueled these letters but as people with a mind and a heart, we need to strongly condemn such ideas,” says Tanweer Ahmed, an IT Personnel.

Music Director Vishal Roy raises his voice against Punish A Muslim Day too. He says, “It is hard to imagine that evil concepts like Judging someone based on their religion .Communalism is a sensitive issue,but this issue always reigned the avoid zone of people associated with entertainment industry. People from various parts of European countries have been receiving mails via web and writen mail about this evil practice. The letter details a point system for each action & a reward. For example pulling a Muslim women’s hijab is 25 points, throwing acid is 50 points and burning or bombing a mosque is a whole 1,000 points. This evil practice literally states you get points to punish a person practicing Islam. It is literally shameful to imagine that the so called civilised society is judging human by the religion they practice.”

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He further states, “ My religion spreads the message of peace and harmony so does Islam and every other religion. Even I have been through bad times, my neighbour who happens to practice Islam stood by my side when I needed support. Friendship has no religion. I feel some kind immense agony deep within, whenever I question myself where we are standing? Can’t we accept human as human first and not judge them by their religion? I am a Hindu by Birth my religion preaches peace and harmony,so does islam ,so does christianity and all other religion under the sun. Violence has no religion,similarly love is also devoid of religious barrier. I am strongly protesting against this concept of punishing human just because they practice Islam. Do you have any idea about total muslim population around the world? Had they all been violent the entire world you have been a battlefield. I am opposing the concept of ‘Punish a Muslim day’ Let’s oppose it together .”

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