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04 Dec 2022, Edition - 2700, Sunday

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What’s in store for Namo and Rahul in 2018? “NaMo will face challenges this year and Rahul will define and refine himself”

Indrani Thakurata


If the recently concluded elections in Gujarat are any indication, BJP will have an interesting year. And the man who is the face of it all, Narendra Modi will be the driving force. The party and Modi’s fate are intertwined. Similarly, Gujarat’s elections has given Congress the much needed boost. They are singing happy days are here again. Congress party is looking at Rahul Gandhi and his leadership, waiting to be reinvented by him. He has reinvented himself successfully. He has not only lodged some very meaningful attacks at the ruling party, but has also impressed everybody with his quick jibes.  He is making his presence felt in social media as well, earning more likes than trolls.  The party workers are of course expecting him to solidify the party as a good competition in 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Critics believe that the Gujarat elections served as a practice test for Rahul Gandhi, who needs to bring in focus, especially reaching out to the grassroot workers. “The 132 year old part saw a generational shift in leadership, with Rahul Gandhi taking up the most important responsibility. The talks have been on for sometime now, but the timing of his elevation was just right,” says Chandan Banerjee, an avid political follower. The year has begun on a good note for both the parties, but will the two who are the face of the party have a good year? Will they have hurdles that dent their political ambition or will they sail through smoothly?

Amit Kumar Maurya of Saiamit, Astrology Consultant who is also  a professor reads out the chart for Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi and  what he reveals is worth a listen.

 Narendra Modi

Date of birth: 17/Sep/1950, 11:00 am, Place of birth: Vadnagar

Birth of Bjp: 6th April 1980

To look at the year that will be, we have to look at the year that has gone by according to astronomical positions.

What was the combination in 2017

Two major planets have changed

Saturn and jupiter has changed which are two major planets. Saturn has changed its house and Jupiter has changed its house. Slow moving planets, it takes years, Jupiter takes 1 year and Saturn taken 2.5 years. The current position isn’t great for NaMo. And since they have the  same ascend rate, they are same. He will be facing more challenges this year. The enemy will be more powerful, and disturbing him more than what he faced in 2017.

The clarity won’t be there for the party and Modi. It is important for Namo to be careful in taking decisions which can activate enemies. His decisions  may create confusion and harm the reputation of the party and Namo, both. He might lose fame because of others’ wrongdoings. His personal appearances will be fine, he won’t be acidic like he was in 2017, speaking against others, picking on people. Infact,  from now on onwards– 26th January onwards, he will be attacking less individuals and be more generous. He will be making good speeches devoid of attacks but it is possible that the other ministers might not do great. Because of his subordinates, he might face adverse issues. Finance will be an issue. He will have to support Arun Jaitley. Arun Jaitley’s chart isn’t showing very good energy or combinations. So he has to take support from good people. Arun Jaitley isn’t good for Narendra Modi, he might harm Namo’s reputation.

There is a possibility that after 11th october , Namo will see a comeback. He will take positive decisions that will restore confidence of people. 2019 will be a very good year for him.  This year he will be tuning his party, his ministers.Hopefully,  impact of the decisions will be seen in 2019.

Rahul Gandhi

19 June 1970 , Time of birth : 5:50:00,  Place of birth: Delhi.

According to the chart, his combination for 2018 is good but that isn’t true for his political career.  He isn’t a material for any kind of leadership or big thing. This year will give him the opportunity to define, refine himself. He will try his best to improve his personality. He will work on his looks, personality, he will do more work on himself , but he won’t get massive results. He will be affected by Rahu Dasha. Around the end of September,.he will be affected by Mangal Dasha, which will make him a little violent.  Because of ascendance of mithun rashi, he will be short tempered, and he will react quickly which is not good for a politician. The chart also reveals that after 2024, he will have rahu mahadasha, which will completely complicate his life. This kind of dashas won’t make him fit for any leadership.  He won’t show the maturity needed to hem a 132 year old party. He is flowing at the moment, but he is not defining himself. We may see physical changes in him, but not intellectual.

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