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14 Dec 2019, Edition - 1614, Saturday

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New game to soothe minds to slumber

Covai Post Network

A good sleep ensures waking up fresh and is medically proven to make one vasculary healthy.

Lack of sleep may lead to rise in blood pressure which in turn increases the risk of heart attack, stroke and even death from cardiovascular complications. Prakash Vaithyanathan, a science tutor and cancer researcher from Chennai, has developed a free app–Slumber Sleepers– that attempts to remind people that they should consider sleep in the midst of various activities.

Parameters such as amount of sleep and it’s quality can be improved by making simple changes and also being proactive. Through a game (an adaptation of the famous minesweeper one), the app aims to address this burning problem of “lack of sleep”.

Says Prakash, “Playing the game three or four times a day, the sleep icons will make an impression in the mind. When the icons are registered, the mind will also reciprocate by flashing it to us now and then. That will be a gentle reminder to sleep. This is similar to the way smoking was controlled by having the banners that ‘smoking is injurious to health’ everywhere and they left an impression in the minds of smokers.”

All the governments in the world must stress the importance of sleep by putting up banners along the roads and those images will register in the minds of viewers. “Today, people forget to sleep due to their own nonsensical priority assignment to their activities.”

Landmines were a thing of the past, mostly leftovers of World Wars. Today, landmines have shifted from the land and now they are inside the human bodies in the form of stress and anxiety that affects sleep. That made Prakash replace landmines with sleep icons.

Sooner or later, every city in the world will have slumber homes along the way so that the “hard-working” humans can go for a short nap to recharge themselves. People can still try to overcome sleep-related problems by taming their minds.

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