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08 Dec 2023, Edition - 3069, Friday

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He goes that extra mile to see someone smile

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What would one do if they got to take home incentives for the extra effort they put in at their work place? They probably would purchase something for their home or them self, or would treat friends and family, or some would even consider investing it.

However 42-year old B. Nagaraj, conservancy worker in Ward 23 West Zone of the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation, used the incentive he earned in the last few years to help people in need. He gives a little for education, and a little for charity. And, what he earned was not small money. For spending a six-digit incentive sensitively, he was appreciated and honoured this August by Mayor P. Rajkumar. The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry too felicitated him on Chamber Day.

Ever since ‘Sunya’, a garbage segregation project, was implemented in 2012, Nagaraj has been actively involved in collecting and segregating waste in the jurisdiction that has been assigned to him.

He has achieved maximum recyclable collection among the conservancy workers in the Coimbatore Corporation. From October 2013 to July 2015, Nagaraj collected 40,560 kgs and has received an amount of Rs. 1.45 lakh by selling the recyclable items.

“From the incentives I received, I have paid Rs. 32,000 towards a girl’s school fees, donated Rs. 25,000 to an orphanage, and also looking at donating Rs. 50,000 to support poor children’s education,” Nagaraj says.

He would have not remembered the good he had done, if not for Maruthasalam, Supervisor of Ward 23, who made Nagaraj document all his deeds of philanthropy. “I am very proud that one of the members of Ward that I am attached to is doing wonders. He is our true role model,” says Maruthasalam.

Hailing from a humble background, Nagaraj’s typical day begins as early as 3:30 a.m. His wife Rukmani prepares a health drink for him. He says it is this hot, healthy drink, served by his wife with love that keeps him going all through the morning.

He then dons his uniform, wears his cap, mask and gloves with pride and sets on his mission to keep the surroundings clean. And, he also he makes wealth from waste.

Thanks to the efforts of Nagaraj, T.V. Swamy Road East, and R.S. Puram, which are filled with many commercial establishments, sports a neat and clean look at any given time of the day.

“He motivates and educates the general public regarding source segregation and collects only segregated waste on a daily basis,” R. Ravindran, secretary, RAAC, says.

He admits that he does not desire luxury items. “My two sons and wife are very supportive and they encourage me to carry out my good work,” says this Good Samaritan.

It is almost three years since Nagaraj has taken a day off. He works on Sundays, all Government holidays and works overtime almost every day. Though it inconveniences him and he has to stretch himself, he does not mind doing that extra bit of work because it means that someone somewhere will benefit out of it.

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