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06 Dec 2021, Edition - 2337, Monday

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Sara on Saif-Kareena’s wedding: I think it is important to respect what other people want



Koffee With Karan Season 6 on Sunday hosted Saif Ali Khan and his daughter Sara Ali Khan. While Saif has been on Karan Johar’s chat show before, the episode marked Sara’s first television outing. The Kedarnath actor opened up about Saif Ali Khan as a father, her equation with Kareena Kapoor Khan and much more.

Sara on dynamics with Kareena Kapoor Khan

Everyone has been clear about their dynamics with me. It has never been confusing. Kareena herself was saying and still says that ‘look you have a mother and a great one and what I want is for us to be able to be friends.’ My father also never said ‘this is your second mother’ or made it any way uncomfortable.

I would be like what should I call her – Kareena or Kareena aunty and my father would be like ‘you would not want to call her an aunty.’

I don’t think there was any confusion about the equations. And I think somewhere down the line, it is important to respect what other people want. I see my father and my mother today. They both are much happier than I think they would have been together. Therefore, everyone around them is happy. What I have now are two comfortable homes, which I really think is a win.

Saif’s note to Amrita Singh before getting married to Kareena

When I was getting married to Kareena, for some reason, I wrote a note to Amrita saying this is a new chapter starting. I wrote we had a history and something on the lines of good wishes for both of us. I sent it to Kareena to take a look. I sent it across. Sara called me and said, “I was coming anyway but now, I am coming with a happy heart.” I think that story sums up the attitude of everyone involved.

Amrita dressed Sara for Saif-Kareena’s wedding

My mom dressed me for my father’s wedding. A lot of people would be of the opinion that Kareena was being weird or mom was being weird. It was very comfortable. Everyone was so mature. It was not a big deal.

Saif on Sara’s dating life

I have been quite open-minded be it with Soha or Sara. I think my father was like that. You cannot control these things. Everybody will have their own journey and hopefully, if she has values as we had, she will find her own way.

Sara on Saif’s success and failures

He has never been a person who has derived his happiness from how he is doing at the box office. Being a talented actor, his life is more than just that. Be it is his family or holidays or reading or learning French or guitar, he has been a person who derives his happiness from various sources. So, not doing well at the box office for two years never brought him down in any way. Having said that, of course, you do feel bad because we live in a slightly judgmental society. With people saying ‘nahi chal rahi’, he did feel maybe a little bit bad. But I think he knew if he is an honest actor, which he is, he will bounce back and how.

Saif on Taimur and the paparazzi

People say it is a really dangerous thing, but so far paparazzi have been quite respectable. Apparently, they take 1500 bucks for a photo of this guy. This is what my father-in-law informed me.

When Sara remarked that the director or the actor should not say ‘rate card’ and Taimur in the same sentence, Karan said, “We come with a price. There is a rate card and you are also on it. Sara.”

Saif on the moment Sara decided to become an actor

We were doing a world tour. We were doing this song and dance show. I think Aishwarya was on the stage during a performance. I saw Sara holding the curtain on a side and looking mesmerised. She was staring at Aishwarya dancing and the crowd reacting. And she said, ‘This is what I want to do.’

Sara opens up about having PCOD

I had PCOD and I still do because of which I put on a lot of weight. There was a hormone problem. It made it hard for me to lose weight and the hormone level was high.

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