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22 Apr 2024, Edition - 3205, Monday

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10 nutritious foods and drinks that naturally boost energy



Whenever you feel weak and it seems like you do not have enough energy, you always think about eating. It is true that aside from enough rest, food can help you revitalise your body and regain your energy. However, some people do not understand that not all types of food can strengthen you. Even if you have eaten a lot, if do not pick the right food, you will still not get the amount of energy you need. To give you a head start, here is a list of nutritious foods and drinks that will naturally boost your energy:

1. Water

Instead of drinking commercialised energy drink, you can just consider drinking water. It is natural and it is the best agent for hydration. This will help maintain the amount of fluid in your body. This way, you will be able to move around without feeling dizzy or weak. Water is the most essential energy boosting drink that you need every day. If you think you will have a long day, you should have a bottle of water with you.

2. Leafy greens

Instead of eating instant food that does not really add up to your energy, why don’t you just prepare a bowl of salad with green leafy vegetable? Spinach, kale and other greens contain different nutrients that can help you increase your energy. If you easily feel tired even if you are not doing a lot of work, you may be suffering from iron deficiency. The best way to solve this is to eat leafy greens. This type of food is a rich source of vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron and fibre.

3. Yogurt

Whenever you feel hungry during your break time, yogurt is a perfect alternative to unhealthy snacks. This is a perfect choice if you are on a diet and you need to have small snacks. Yogurt is made of simple sugar that is broken down to be converted to energy. Aside from that, it also contains protein. With its vitamins B2 and B12 content, you will also strengthen how your cells function.

4. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the most nutritious vegetables that you can add to your meals. It contains calcium that can help you prevent osteoporosis. It also helps in maintaining the nervous system. It is also rich in fibre. With all the health benefits that you can get from broccoli, one of the most wonderful effects is the amount of energy you will be able to build when you add it to your meals.

5. Green tea

Just like coffee, green tea contains caffeine that is known to boost energy. However, green tea has another component that makes it work better compared to coffee. L-theanine in green tea increases energy without making you feel anxious. Green tea can lessen fatigue and let you do physical activities without feeling burned out. You can be more alert and you can increase your focus and concentration.

6. Dark chocolate

Instead of eating sugary food during your break at the gym, you can consider eating dark chocolate instead. This contains antioxidant that can help maintain a normal blood flow in the body. With this, the supply of oxygen in your brain and in your muscles will also improve. This effect will not only lead to an improvement in your mood but it can also lessen fatigue.

7. Shrimp

Eating shrimp is helpful in your goal to increase your energy because it contains protein and just enough amount of calorie that the body needs. It can also be a source of vitamins B and D. Shrimp and other seafood can be great alternatives to pork and chicken. If you are trying to lose weight but you also need protein, you can go for this instead.

8. Chia seeds

For people who spend most of their time at the gym, they can have chia seeds as alternative to other food that they eat and drink during breaks. This seed can be added to water and you can just drink it. It has different benefits that can help you become more productive all day. It may look small and unimportant but chia seeds contain enough amount of protein and fats. Aside from boosting your energy, you will also be able to stop your cravings when you consider having this as a part of your everyday drink or snack.

9. Almonds

You do not really have to eat a lot of food just to make sure that you are completely energised for the day. There are foods that come in small serving but can provide the energy that you need. Almond contains great amount of calories that can be perfect in strengthening your body. You can eat this in small serving and you will definitely be energised. It has other nutritional benefits including a high amount of dietary fibre. It is perfect even if you are trying to lose weight.

10. Beans

There are different types of beans that you can choose from. All of these types contain the same amount of nutrients. Eating beans can help you enhance and release your natural energy. It contains carbohydrates, protein and fibre. You will notice that beans can be easily digested and with this, your blood sugar level will be maintained as it increases your energy.

Eating the right food is the key to a healthier and stronger body. Checking the nutritional value of the food that you are eating is very important.

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