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18 Aug 2018, Edition - 1131, Saturday


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  • Odisha government sent a 240-member fire services team to carry out rescue operations in flood-ravaged Kerala
  • Bihar CM Nitish Kumar donates 10 crore for Kerala
  • 500 crore relief package announced for Kerala
  • PM Modi undertakes aerial survey of Kerala
  • Imran Khan Takes Oath As Pakistan’s New Prime Minister
  • KeralaFloods : PM Modi announces Rs 500 crore aid as immediate assistance to the state
  • Kerala floods: Virat Kohli, Sunil Chhetri, Sania Mirza come out urging people for help
  • 106 die in a day in flood-hit Kerala
  • PML-N president and the brother of jailed former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif, managed to secure just 96 seats

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3 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Talking To An Ex After Breaking Up


Getting over break ups are hard anyway. No matter if you are the one breaking up or the one who is being broken up with – although major consensus says the latter has a harder time. But either way, the healing process needs to begin right after, otherwise things get toxic. That’s what anyone who has ever broken up will tell you.

Sometimes, we try to hold on, and we try to hold on hard. In hopes of maybe becoming friends, to rekindle the flame, or just in denial of the loss, in all of this we make the getting over process harder for ourselves, giving way to even more negativity. Therefore it is in best interest of all the parties to simply swallow the bitter pill and go cold turkey on each other. Because a break is essential to move on. Why you ask?

Staying in touch with them gets in way of your regular life

The more you keep talking to them and keep in touch, you guys are delaying the process of coming back and focusing on your own life because you are still into each others. You need to bring the focus back on yourself again to be able to move on and start afresh.

If you don’t stop talking you will only end up hating each other

You may convince yourself that your “let’s be friends plan” is working phenomenally; only until one of you goes and tells the other that they are seeing someone new and the other spirals down in blaming, questioning, and accusing. In these scenarios you are only making things bad for yourself and eliminating any possibility of being friends later.

You are blocking way for new things to happen to you

It is a vicious cycle, getting stuck in a rut with your ex, because it keeps going on and on and on. It is like a stuck tape recorder where you are simply stuck in the past, therefore preventing a brighter and better future from happening.

It is a hard process but gotta start somewhere eh?