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23 Jun 2018, Edition - 1075, Saturday


  • Indian diplomat Ajay Bisoria stopped near Islamabad as sources say that ISI is behind the incident
  • US President Donald Trump cited that there still exists an unusual threat from North Korea’s nuclear arsenal
  • Mohammed Anwar collapsed on the spot and succumbed to injuries
  • PM Modi to arrive in poll-bound Madhya Pradesh to launch a number of projects

Health & Lifestyle

3 Signs You Are In An Unhealthy Friendship


There is time in many relationships when things are not all hunky dory. Not just not hunky dory, it gets outright uncomfortable and awkward. Why? It could be anything from a communication gap that leads to a misunderstanding or a massive fight. That is a part and parcel of every bond, as much as we would like it not to be. But when things start getting sour in a friendship, that brings a whole new level of stress. Friendships are supposed to be easy, they are supposed to help us grow as people, and get the best out of us. But what when that doesn’t happen?

Is it better to call it quits while you are ahead? And in case you were wondering if you should, here are a few signs that your friendship might be unhealthy for you.

You are the only one putting in the efforts

Radio silence when you don’t bother to get in touch with the friend? You are the one initiating all the plans? You are the one who is always supporting and being there for your friend? Looks like you might be on a ride – a solo ride. Make sure you communicate your active thoughts to your passive friend and see what they feel.

They make you feel bad about yourself or guilty

Sometimes we are friends with people who don’t support us, do not lift us up, and nor do they make us feel better about ourselves. Sure, it is all about honesty – but there is a fine line between honest in a way that shows you are caring and honest in the way to hurt. If the latter is what you get from your friend, it’s time to rethink things. It may manifest itself as small digs or zingers, or out and out spewing venom. But if they don’t respect you then it is just not happening.

They aren’t happy for you

Be it something as small as getting that new pair of shoes or something as big as getting a new job, your friends need to be YOUR people, people who have your back no matter what. And that includes being happy for you and your life choices. Jealousy doesn’t do anything for a friendship.