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04 Feb 2023, Edition - 2762, Saturday

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3 Warning Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You



Whether you just started talking to someone, have been on a few dates or are in a relationship – feeling like he/she is not into you when you are clearly into them, is definitely not a good feeling. You may tell yourself it’s all in your head and have your friends who are consoling you repeat after you, but there are some signs that clearly convey that he is just not into you. It’s harsh, yes and at times just very difficult to process and accept. But here’s the thing, in pushing it aside to avoid feeling that pain or disappointment that you’re afraid you might feel, you’re only setting yourself up for further disappointment and frustration. So watch out for these signs, and if too many of these coexist, have a clear and honest chat or understand that it might be time to move on.

1. You barely ever really talk

Sure, you share a couple of laughs and maybe even some pizza every now and then. But what do you really know about him? Does he talk to you about his day? About his upcoming plans? His closest friends, perhaps? If all he’s really interested in is hanging out at a time or place when/where you don’t have to do much talking, you might want to think of a way to have a conversation. Or ‘the’ conversation.

2. You’re always the one initiating plans

Movie? Dinner? A night out with friends? A weekend getaway? Guess who’s always the one suggesting that you do these things together. That’s right, you. Maybe he really is occupied and has little time to think about these things. Or maybe that’s just an excuse and you ought to start seeing it for what it really is. When a man or woman is interested in someone, actually interested, they will find a way to hang out every now and then and spend some quality time together.

3. He doesn’t bother making an effort with your friends and family

So you go out of your way to be there anytime that he mentions that his friends or family have invited you for an event. But tell him the same and there will be a myriad excuses for why he can’t make it that day. For most people, getting along or being liked by the people closest to someone they’re interested in, is important. So if he makes no effort at all to get along with the people closest to you, it might be time to call him out or call it quits.

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