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04 Dec 2022, Edition - 2700, Sunday

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4 Tips to Make Your Air Cooler More Efficient

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The weather in summer goes ruthless in Delhi, leaving you with two options, either use AC in Delhi or turn to air coolers. Though air coolers are easier on your electricity bills, still, they might lose their charm over time. The cooling effect that you experience in a new air cooler gets faded over time. But to whom should you blame?

But don’t worry if your air cooler has stopped blessing you with chilled air, it’s time to restore its efficiency and these tips will help:

1.Ventilate Enough to Get the Chilling Effect

Air coolers offer more efficient cooling at a place that is properly ventilated than the one that’s not. Unlike ACs, air coolers require proper ventilation where they are installed to make their cooling function work properly. Good ventilation ensures that the humidity produced in the room gets a way out. A ceaseless airflow could ramp up the cooling effect of your air cooler.

2.Keep Your Air Cooler Next to Windows

Positioning the air cooler at the right place is the key to avail effective cooling out of it. Wondering which nook and corner of your room would make the best place for it? It’s simple, just keep the cooler in front of the windows of your room. Why so? It’s because fresh air from the window will suck the moisture build-ups to the environment outside that literally improves the cooling.

3.Put Ice Cubes to Use that Act Like a Chill Pill

Need an immediate cooling boost to chill your spine? Just add some ice cubes to the water tank of your air cooler and wait for the magic to happen. The trick works like a charm when the extreme weather temperatures bother you. In fact, some of the air coolers come with dedicated ice compartments these days that make your job a lot easier. As the ice water gets on to the pads, it will chill down everything in your room. Are you ready to face the blizzard?

4.Ensure Proper Cleaning of Cooling Pads Before Use

Over a period of use, the cooling pads in air coolers tend to accumulate lots of dust and pollen that affect cooling severely. So if you want to give a quick fix and restore its cooling effect, cleaning the cooling pads is the first and foremost thing to consider. But if they are severely damaged, you should better replace them with new ones to bring your air cooler’s cooling effect to life.

The Key Takeaway

Things would never go wrong with your air cooler’s efficiency whether you are using air coolers in Hyderabad , Delhi or anywhere else if you maintain it in top conditions. Air coolers stay efficient for a long time if you handle them with care. Avoid any activity that is prone to making damages to their rotary blades, cooling pads or other parts. Refrain from keeping air coolers on uneven surfaces, dragging them forcefully or grabbing their cooling pads or anything that wears out their parts. If you keep your air cooler in pristine conditions, there’s no reason it won’t bless you with chilled air.

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