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05 Mar 2024, Edition - 3157, Tuesday

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Health & Lifestyle

An Expert’s Advice On How To Stay Fit As The Season Changes



The season is changing; autumn is upon us. As we get ready to welcome the festive season, the balmy weather, and the smell of shiuli in the air, we should also brace ourselves for the common cold and cough, which affects many of us as the weather changes. What’s worse is when the symptoms escalate into a fever or an infection that lasts for days. That is why it is essential that we take care of ourselves so that we can enjoy the changing weather instead of coughing our lungs out.

“A change in weather can affect your health profoundly and cause a spate of diseases and infections. From viral fever to a heat stroke or a tummy upset, different seasons bring different ailments with them,” says Dr Udaya Kumar Maiya, Medical Director at Portea Medical, a home healthcare company which designs customised care plans for patients. “While many may be tempted to settle for over-the-counter medicines, the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ holds as good as always.”

Here are some things that Dr Maiya suggests one can do to avoid falling sick as the season changes.

Drink an adequate amount of clean water/liquids

“This is very important,” says Dr Maiya. “This will not only help in keeping you well-hydrated and flushing out toxins but also in absorbing nutrients needed to keep you healthy.”

Exercise and take adequate rest

“Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day to improve your metabolism and blood circulation. Get a good amount of rest and sleep to boost your immune system and keep away from infections,” says Dr Maiya.

Keep away from people who are unwell

“It is important to keep your distance from people who sneeze and cough frequently; do not shake hands with such people to avoid catching their infection,” he advises.

Dress according to the weather

Dr Maiya also advises us to wear clothes that keep us out of harm’s way. “With a change in season, the body’s regulation mechanism is caught unawares and therefore, it is imperative to wear clothes accordingly,” he says.

Take care of your diet

“Make sure you eat healthy and include seasonal fruits and vegetables as part of your daily diet, especially those rich in Vitamin C,” adds Dr Maiya. “Cut down on street food, junk and processed food.”

Last but not the least, Dr Maiya advises us to make sure we get vaccinated against seasonal flu and other diseases, something that will help keep infections at bay.

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