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19 May 2024, Edition - 3232, Sunday

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Dos And Don’ts To Remember While Using Lenscare?

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Over the last few years, the contact lenses industry has seen advancements in terms of technology, design, form, fit, and function. However, due to such progress, people have started to develop a sense of negligence as many believe they don’t always need to clean or maintain their lenses. Although, that isn’t the reality.

Following proper contact lens care instructions help prevent various eye infections and conditions. In some cases, such infections and conditions may permanently damage your eyes or result in vision impairment, if left unaddressed.You can avoid most eye infections and injuries related to wearing contact lenses by following the basic guidelines of contact lens cleaning, wear, and care provided by your eye care specialist.

To help you easily remember the lens care process, here is a short refresher on the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for contact lenses cleaning and lens care:

Dos of Contact Lens Care

Caring for your contact lenses is important if you enjoy the benefits they bring into your life. You should follow the below-mentioned Dos and Don’ts to ensure that your contact lenses stay in good shape, and you enjoy a complication-free vision. Start by executing the following practices:

•Do Follow a Schedule And Stick To It

Whether you change your contact lenses daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, you must follow the lens wear schedule as prescribed by your eye care specialist.

•Do Clean Your Contact Lenses with Fresh Solution

After each use, you must empty the lens storage case, clean it properly, and fill it with fresh-new solution. Doing so ensures that your lenses stay moist and clean.

•Do Use the Lens Care Solution As Recommended ByYour Optometrist

If your optometrist or eye care specialist recommends a particular brand or kind of lens care and contact lens cleaning solution, make sure you only use that specific brandor type.

•Do Inspect Your Contact Lenses Before Wearing Them

Remember to check your contact lenses for any rips, tears, dirt, or damages.

•Do Properly Wash and Dry Your Hands Before TouchingContact Lenses

Always thoroughly clean and dry your hands before you insert or remove contact lenses. Doing so helps prevent irritation, injuries, infections, and any other eye complications.

•Do Keep Your Contact Lens Storage Case Clean

In case you just clean your contact lenses and don’t attend to the storage case, you are making your eyes susceptible to irritations and infections. Carefully rinse your lens storage case and clean it after each use before you fill it up with a lens care solution.

•Do See Your Optometrist for Regular Eye Check-ups

Even if you don’t face any issues with eye irritations or infections, or a vision condition, it is still essential that you visit your optometrist for regular eye check-ups. It ensures that your eyes stay healthy, you know about any change in your prescription.

Don’ts of Contact Lens Care

Some things that you mustn’t do if you want to keep your eyes healthy, prevent vision problems, and enjoy your lens wearing experience. It would help if you kept these don’ts in mind to ensure proper lens care for your contact lenses:

•Don’t Use Water to Clean, Rinse, Disinfect, or Store Your Contact Lenses

Don’t use anything excepta fresh lens care solution to clean, rinse, disinfect, or store your contact lenses. Especially don’t ever use saliva, water, or any other form of liquid to clean your lenses.

•Don’t Insert Ripped or Torn Contact Lenses

Don’t use ripped, torn, or damaged contact lenses as it can lead to severe implications. In case you see or suspect any damage, you must throw away the lens and use a new one.

•Don’t Let Your Lens Care Solution Bottle Get in Contact with Other Surfaces

Ensure that neither the tip of your storage case nor the capor any other part comes in contact with any surface as the case might get contaminated. Doing so increases your chances of getting eye infections or irritations.

•Don’t Share Solution

Don’t practice sharing your lens care and contact lens cleaning solution with anyone as itraises your risk of eye infections.

Do You Need New Contact Lenses?

Now that you knowsome essential dos and don’ts about lens care, you can start following them to have a safe and happy contact lens wearing experience.

In case you have been neglecting your lens care routine, you must discuss daily disposable contact lenses with your eye care specialist. You will find many reputable brands such as Bausch+Lomb that offer a wide range of disposable contact lenses such as daily, monthly, and yearly disposable contact lensesfor various eye conditions and a range of power defects.

So, if you want to start wearing daily disposable contact lenses, you can discuss Bausch+Lomb products with your eye care specialist and find the perfect contact lenses and lens care solution for yourself!

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