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24 Jul 2024, Edition - 3298, Wednesday

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Ensure Safe Inter-City Travel with Personal Mobility

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New changes have taken over our daily lives. The terms lockdown and social distancing have become a common phenomenon in our lives. It is because these are the only ways to minimize the risk of virus transmission. That is why, even when it comes to travelling, you must shift to personal mobility as it enables you to practice social distancing in the best way. It is also vital to take all other kinds of travel safety measures. You can opt for options like car hire in Gurgaon , in case you do not have a personal vehicle. It is a safer alternative to public travelling or hailing a cab.

Till just a few months back, public transport was the most convenient option. However, in today’s scenario, it is risky. The Covid-19 virus can be transmitted easily from an infected person or by coming in touch with a contaminated surface. Hence, it will be wise to book car rental services. Many such companies offer full day car rental Delhi services with self-drive option. Personal mobility allows you to ensure that you can carry on with your essential travel plans without compromising on safety. If you take an inter- city trip, you can avail the car hire in Gurgaon option. In this way, you will be able to keep the risk at bay to a great extent.

There can be following situations where you need to travel:

1. Workplace Commute

Public mode of transport such as metro services and taking a cab may be your way of travelling before Covid-19. Now, that safety is a priority; you must choose private travelling options. You can make use of car rentals such as car hire in Gurgaon facility. Especially if your workplace is in the capital city, you should not travel this long-distance with a public mode of transport. With unlock 1.0 initiated in the country, many offices will resume usually. As you will require travelling every day, it will be beneficial to secure
yourself with personal mobility. If there are business emergencies which require you to travel inter-city, you must make use of self-drive car rental services. It will be easier to stick to the social distancing norm.

2. Travel To Meet Family

Due to the widespread outbreak, it has become essential to travel only when required. If you need to travel to meet your parents living in a different city, you should opt for car rental services. They offer Delhi rent car tour rentals which will enable you to travel back and forth securely. During emergencies such as when you want to take your pregnant wife to the hospital, or her parent’s home, book a rental car in no time and travel privately and safely. Further, to ensure comfort, you can avail an ertiga on rent in Delhi while travelling with your family or sick family member.

3. Reach Family Functions Safely

There may be any essential family function which might have been postponed earlier because of the lockdown. With the new government regulation of allowing a limited number of guests at different ceremonies, you may need to take an intercity trip. You can avail the option of a car on rent in Noida without driver or other such places to keep all risk at bay. Hence, you can reach your relative’s home or the venue safely without any fear or worry. In this way, you will not have to miss out on the crucial family ceremonies. However, follow all safety norms even on reaching the destination.

Benefits of Self-Drive Cars

Enabling social distance is the most significant advantage of personal mobility. You can carry extra face masks and sanitizers along with you when you travel inter-city. There are car rental services that provide thoroughly sanitized vehicles after every use to
ensure safety. With hired rentals, you can make use of the car at any point of the time. If there is an emergency and you have to travel to a different city, you will not have to waste time waiting for a cab. Nor will you need to take a long-distance journey using public transport. Also, it will ensure that you are well-protected against the contagious virus.

Secure Your Travel Plans with Personal Mobility

It would help if you travelled privately until it is safe to use a public mode of transportation. Thus, hiring from car rentals should be your first and foremost travel option. Reliable companies like Zoomcar offer well-sanitized cars. They also provide
easy access to the rental vehicle, which reaches your doorstep in about thirty minutes. You can hire the rental service on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis as per your needs and convenience. Now, travel safely with personal mobility.

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