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06 Dec 2023, Edition - 3067, Wednesday

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How Not To Go Broke When Your Best Friend Is Getting Married



At the age of 16, I could have bet my life on anything that by the time I hit 26, I would be married. 26 seemed like a big number at 16, almost as big as it seems small now that I am in my 26th year of existence. I was dead sure that I would come back to visit my Founder’s Day reunion in school in the year 2018 with a husband (and maybe even a growing belly. Eeep!) Ah, the naivety of my 16 year old self amuses me just as much as it seems endearing. 10 years later, however, and the prospect of marriage seems just as routine and mundane as it did exciting and aspirational back then. But that’s just me. To many other people that I know, most of my closest friends, marriage seems to be a priority – that explains the the hoards of engagement announcements and pictures I get to hear or see everyday.

One would think that with your own wedding out of the picture (at least for the time being), spending money on a wedding would be something you wouldn’t have to do – obviously. Turns out that’s not quite true. It might not be time for you to dish out money for your own wedding outfit yet, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to be let out easy when it comes to spending money for your friends’ weddings. Spending money on what you’re going to wear is one thing, but you’ve also got to think about a special gift, maybe a bachelorette and even travel expenses if they decide to have a destination wedding.

Don’t sweat, there are ways in which you can save yourself from going completely broke come your best friend’s wedding. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you avoid being the broke bridesmaid.

1. Don’t waste time and money on getting your makeup done

While most brides do get their makeup done from professional makeup artists, as a close friend of the bride, there really are more important things for you to be doing. Looking good is important, it’s a big day for you too – but think about spending that extra time with your friend instead of running to the salon to get your makeup done. Instead, be your own glam squad. Not only will you end up saving money, but you’ll also get to spend that time being with your friend and helping her out.

2. Recycle an old outfit

Yes, we said it. Those forbidden words – repeat your clothes. Believe it or not, barring the handful of people who might actually take notice that it’s an outfit you’ve worn before, people can’t be bothered. You’ve got to dress up and wear something that you feel good in; big deal if you’ve worn it before. If you want to make a special effort and wear something different because it’s your friend’s wedding, why not try mixing and matching things that you already own? Look into your wardrobe and check if you can match a blouse you have with another saree or lehenga. Or if you have a blouse that you want to wear but have nothing to match with it, buy some cloth and get a skirt tailored with it. Have an old dupatta of your mom’s you love? Instead of going out and looking for an entirely new outfit, try and get something made with that. There are myriad options when you begin to think about it.

3. Invest in a good pair of heels

Preferably in a pair of nude or black heels, or both. And do make sure that they’re comfortable (block heels or wedges are great options). Not only will you be able to repeat these shoes endlessly without the ‘guilt’ of repeating them constantly, but they’ll also prove extremely useful outside of the wedding parties. We’re talking date nights, office parties, even important work meeting. The uses of a good and comfortable pair of nude or black heels knows no end.

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