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10 Dec 2023, Edition - 3071, Sunday

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The best way to keep your water bottle clean and hygienic



The water bottle is almost indispensable to us. We carry it to work, while travelling, and most of us drink out of it at home. But we never care to clean the bottle at the end of the day – a sign of how little importance we attach to the hygiene of the bottle that keeps us hydrated.

So here’s a fact: water bottles are a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive due to the moist environment, according to health.com.

“Bacteria such as E. coli that lead to gastroenteritis and food poisoning and even molds could colonize this area,” Robert Glatter, MD, an assistant professor of emergency medicine at Northwell Health and attending emergency physician at Lenox Hill Hospital, was quoted as saying in the report.

Given the risk, it’s better to learn to few tricks to keep your bottle hygienic.

The dishwasher

Several types of bottles are dishwasher-friendly but it’s always best to check beforehand. It’s always best run the dishwasher with the hottest water settings and heated dry cycle, which will kill germs. It should be totally dry before you reuse it.

Soap and water

One of the easiest and best ways is to use a dishwashing liquid and hot water to clean the bottle. Swish the soap water through the entire bottle and later rinse with water to removed any soap residue.

Once washed, it should be wiped with a clean cloth or paper towel.


Diluted vinegar can also be used to kill bacteria. Fill half of the bottle with white vinegar (make sure you use about 1/4 cup of vinegar) and the other half with water. Close the bottle and let it swish around before leaving it to soak. Let it sit overnight and rinse out in the morning.

Water cleaning tablets

Another option is to use water cleaning tablets. Fill your bottle with water and drop the tablets as directed on the packet. Let the tablets do their work for at least 30 minutes. Then rinse out the bottle.

SOURCE : http://www.bfirst.in/health/the-best-way-to-keep-your-water-bottle-clean-and-hygienic-504135

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