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02 Mar 2024, Edition - 3154, Saturday

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Health & Lifestyle

This generation isn’t seeking sex more than love, it is just complicated

Indrani Thakurata

Image credit : Illustrative Image


Love makes the world go round, but wait, does it? Did someone just say it is lust? iGens want everything at the snap of a finger; who has the patience to allow love to happen. We want instant gratification, so sex works fine. “The trick here is to seek happiness and love disappoints most of the time.Sex gives you that happiness easily and ‘no strings attached’ is a good way to survive,” says Ankita Malhotra, Student. She adds, “I think millennials seek love but are scared of confusing emotions. We don’t want the drama that comes with love. We are scared of heart breaks, we don’t want to burden ourselves with emotions that ruffle our daily life.”

It is complicated
Let’s get real. The platonic loves gets you nowhere. The physical pleasure that you seek only comes through sex and a good sex gives you the happiness, takes away your worries, even if it is momentarily. And not always are you looking for a companionship with the person you had a good time with last night. Millennials aren’t foolish to regard love above sex or the other way round. Both are important, and you seek both. It is a different thing that we may not find love so easy, and pleasure may come easy or may not actually,” says Rashi Sharma, Housewife.

Heartbreaks are scary
My gay friend was once taking out his frustration at difficulty in finding love in the homosexual community. “It is more need based and people aren’t here for the long haul. They don’t trust or invest emotions, they are more into, bang bang, thank you man. Ofcourse we want love that would support you in your ups and downs. We want that care and understanding. We want that advice and a hand to hold us when we fall apart. But it is hard to find that companion. And once bitten twice shy. If you have gone through the gamut of emotions, then you want to steer clear of any other again.”

Love is real and so is sex
“Relationships nowadays are confusing. We want different things at different times. There are too many distracting elements and it isn’t a very straightforward emotion. The movie Love Aaj Kal has portrayed the conflicts beautifully. But at the end of the day, love is love and we all want that person in our life we want to love and get naughty with at the same time,” says Rachna Das. She adds, “Who cares if it is love or sex, whatever makes you happy in a world that is full of unhappiness. It is wrong to say that this generation understands lust more than love, infact, statistics say that we are more romantic and less sexy. The only good thing is that, we aren’t hush hush about sex anymore. If you have a problem, deal with it. We want to make love to our love.”

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