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22 Jul 2024, Edition - 3296, Monday

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  • TN Governer RN Ravi ‘s tenure to end by July 31. Home Ministry mulling extension.
  • High Court on the three criminal laws: Laws may cause confusion among the public.Govt should have consulted the legal Commission before implementing it.
  • Due to crowdstrike update irregularities in Microsoft applications, airline services in India and other data online services comes to a halt.
  • Coimbatore gets another flight as Indigo announced flight to Abudhabi from August 10. The flight will operate thrice a week.

Health & Lifestyle

Your favourite colours and what they say about you

Indrani Thakurata


It isn’t just a coincidence that some of us have our wardrobes in white and some in black. It isn’t just a coincidence that some of us can’t see beyond red and maroon. The colours, much like our zodiac sign reveal a lot about us; our likes and dislikes and a bit of our personality. I have always wondered why most of my clothes are in black. What is it about black that I can’t resist? Even though i intend to have a colorful wardrobe, I end up investing in black and not any other colour. And now I know why…people who chose black are born leaders,who don’t hesitate to speak their mind. And this quality may make you look like you are opinionated and bossy, but that’s perception afterall. You are a generous soul who is practical and self analysing. Don’t be too methodical, which isn’t a good thing. Also, don’t bottle up your emotions, and don’t come across as cold-something that you aren’t.

Red is a bold colour,a colour that stands for exploration. You are an intellectual who doesn’t suffer fools. You are full of enthusiasm and would like to start new projects, travel etc. You are a good friend to have, loyal and exciting. You are a people’s person, and that explains your love for travel, which takes you to different places, enjoy different cultures and people. You are a dreamer and dreamers give you good company.

If yellow is you colour, you are a very caring and thoughtful person. You are admired for these qualities and your creativity knows no bounds, which you bring to action so effectively. You have your eyes on the future and you are a well planned person. You have to shed your inhibitions and express everything that goes inside you

Pink as a colour, for some strange reason, has always been associated with the feminine. But if you are crazy about pink then you should know that it stands for balance. So, you are a balanced personality. You’re Not a confrontational person, infact you are a stable optimist. You are a free spirit who likes to be surrounded with people.

You like blazing orange, then you must know that you are the twin soul to the ones who chose colour yellow. You are a social butterfly who is caring and giving. Unlike your yellow counterparts, you are an extrovert who likes to go all out. You see each day as it comes, living it up with all your energy. Eventhough you are spontaneous, you may not be very good at revealing your sorrows and pain.

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