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23 Apr 2019, Edition - 1379, Tuesday

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India News

Lt Bhavana, 1st woman to lead all men contingent at Republic Day, is high on josh


Lt. Bhavana Kasturi, Contingent Commander of Indian Army Service Corps is set to create history on this Republic Day by becoming the 1st woman ever to lead all men Army contingent in the history of India.

Lt Kasturi joined the Officer’s Training Academy in October 2015 after clearing the NCC 38 special entry with AIR-4.

She spoke to our correspondent Sidhant Sibal on a range of issues– from the feeling before the big day at Rajpath to being a woman in the military.

Sidhant Sibal: How do you feel that you will be leading an all men contingent?

Lt Bhavana Kasturi: Its a matter of great pride and honour to me and its a glory for us. This will remain a history of army service corp that our contingent has been part of Rajpath at Republic day 2019. Not just me, 2 of our JCOs and 144 jawans in the contingent are very privileged and it will be in history for us. We will be in the books of history for ever.

Sidhant Sibal: Your experience as a Women in the military?

Lt Bhavana Kasturi: I think there is no gender bias in the organization. An officer will remain an officer and responsibility and charter of service will remain the same. We are getting a great opportunity to portray the strength of the army and something on such a big platform.

Sidhant Sibal: Has the glass ceiling broken.?

Lt Bhavana Kasturi: Absolutely lot of changes have come in the Indian society. And not just in the army but in the civil world, women and girls, are doing wonders, I must say, we will keep doing great.

Sidhant Sibal: Your message to the women of this country?

Lt Bhavana Kasturi: I think. I am already a role model for a lot of young girls especially. I think, only think I want to say is chase ur dream and don’t give up in the middle

Sidhant Sibal: How is the Josh?

Lt Bhavana Kasturi: Josh is high

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