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17 Jun 2024, Edition - 3261, Monday

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A dab of class, confidence and coquettishness

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Lipstick is a cult cosmetic that has continued to plump up lips for centuries and remains a faithful companion of most women, who love that extra accentuation on their faces.

Lips can be thick, thin medium sized, with a cupid’s bow or lack peaks, but cleverly worn lipsticks can give that pair of lips you long for.

“Lipstick serves two purposes, it moisturizes the skin and adds to your beauty,” said Hema Rajendran, manager at Naturals Lounge beauty salon in Coimbatore.

Lipstick can go it alone, and is the make-up to reach out for when you are in a hurry, she said.

“A touch of lipstick gives a colour contrast that enhances the brightness of the face.”

No wonder the darling of a woman’s make-up case even has a day to call its own – World Lipstick Day!

Observed on July 29, lipstick has a long history of patronage and disparagement. While it was viewed with suspicion by the Greeks, Romans embraced it as a sign of social power – it’s believed that even men wore it to for the sake of flaunting power.

While Britain banned it in 1770, associating its use with witchcraft and an attempt to woo men into wedlock, its War prime minister, Winston Churchill encouraged its production as against the rationing of all other cosmetic products because he believed it had a positive effect on the morale during times of war.

Elizabeth Arden broke the dark red monotony when she started introducing different colours in the 1930s.

Lipstick has evolved into acquiring brands and attitude and is now available in forms such as cruelty-free (free of animal fat), high pigmented variety and glosses. While lipsticks sport textures such as creamy, matte, smooth and bold, colours commonly come in pink, red, orange and brown and in multiple other shades.

“Confidence is essentially an inner thing, but lipstick does definitely strengthen it,” said Heena Rahul Kotecha, an exhibition organizer in Coimbatore.

“Lipstick helps women look presentable, especially in jobs where we meet people all the time.”

A college student said, “There is no mincing of words, here. Lipstick is mainly worn to appear attractive and a loud fashion statement, and anything else is only after this.”

Lipstick is dabbed for various purposes or a combination of them, and a lot depends on the age factor, with a colour code that is a big giveaway of the wearer.

“Lipstick comes with responsibility,” said a management institution professor.

“The colours and accentuation go with certain occasions and situations. A mix-up can be disastrous.”

Women continue to gloss up, blot the excess and pucker their lips, and sometimes outline to spruce up their personalities – and why not?

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